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LindaLee - February 9

Well, as of today I'm 7w1d and scared to death. This is my first pregnancy, and I'd rather not lose my baby. This passed Tuesday I experienced quite a bit of painless bleeding, which was dark red and brownish. The next day I had an appointment already, so I waited. She confirmed my pregnancy, and had to take another pap test because my first had come back with dysplasia, abnormal cells.(Which is scary already.) When she checked me, she told me I was bleeding still, and told me I had a threatened miscarriage. Then told me, since I'm young I GUESS, that it would be better for me, if I did miscarry. Which hurt a lot, she gave it a 50/50 chance it would happen. She gave me a blood test, to see my levels and sent me home. I would have loved an u/s but, she said it was better to wait? My bleeding had stopped by that day, and went to brown discharge that I've been getting randomly. I took another blood test Friday for comparison. It's now Saturday, and maybe my imagination is running wild, but, I woke up, thinner?(I've been bloated lately) And my br___t tenderness is gone. I never had any other symptoms for it, those were my only indicators, now they're gone? When I took my home test a week ago, the line that appeared was very dark and appeared instantly, does that give an idea of my levels? I don't think my heart can make it until Monday to hear my results. I'd like to hear anyone's input, good OR bad, thanks.


LindaLee - February 9

Sorry about rambling on! =] I also wanted to know if anyone had any info on the dysplasia? Thanks! And, I'm 18, just to say I'm not a (complete, lol) baby myself, I think my ob/gyn was out of line for saying that. I have a loving boyfriend and supportive family, also I'm not oblivious to what I'm getting myself into. Sorry that was kind of irrelevant, I just thought I should clear that up.


Saird - February 9

I have also had some red bleeding, I am almost 6 weeks. Nothing seemed to have come of it, but I have not had an ultrasound and only had my hcg done once, this past wednesday, which was 12, 203. In my last pregnancy I had bright red bleeding about this time as well, and all turned out to be fine. Bleeding is quite common in early pregnancy. As for the loss of symptoms I don't know what to say, some people say it differs day to day. I hardly have any anyway, besides constipation, which I am not enjoying..LOL. As for the doc saying it would be for the better that seems rather unprofessional. Personal opinions should be kept to themselves. My sister was 18 with her first and I know they tried to talk her into an abortion like 3 different times and let me tell you, she is the best mom around now and has three. Hang in there LindaLee. Everything happens for a reason.


elizhope - February 9

I think you should get another doctor. She should have given you a sonogram to check your dates and look for a heartbeat. Im not sure about the threatened miscarriage though. Breast tenderness comes and goes. Mine was strong at 4-5 weeks gone at 6 weeks, came back a litte at 7 weeks and left again at 8 weeks. It was my only symptom so I was scared about another m/c. Bloating is just water weight, dont put much emphasis on that. My weight changes 1-3 pounds every day. Also the baby is only like 1/2 inch big at this point, so you wouldnt be showing yet. Brown discharge is old blood so that is better than red. Miscarriages are usually always accompanied by severe cramping. Mine were so bad last year I had to go to the hospital at 3am. All you can do is relax and try not to worry...even though its impossible. But it sounds like you have a very insensitive doctor. There are great ones out there. Mine lets me have a u/s anytime I want one bc she knows how much I worry. (Im 11 weeks and have had 5 so far) Good luck!


LindaLee - February 9

Thank you both, I really appreciate such quick responses, just hearing that it's made me feel better. As for the doctor, I plan on getting a new one after I hear my hcg results, thanks again, I wish you both all the best! =]


mommyofgrace - February 9

I agree... look for a different doc! And like the previous person said, miscarriages are very painful. It's like being in miniature labor. My first pregnancy ended in miscarriage... it started out light bloody discharge and then got heavier. Later when I got pregnant with my daughter, I had several days during the first trimester that I had pink and brown bleeding, but never red and never painful. She's now 7 months old. I just found out I'm pregnant again (TOTALLY UNEXPECTED!) and as far as symptoms, they vary from day to day. For me, I feel worse at night. I wake up and feel great but by the end of the day I am nauseous and very tired. Good luck and I hope that you get good news on Monday. Also... being young doesnt make you a bad mom. There are moms that are in their 30's that are horrible, and moms that are in their early 20's that are amazing. And you sound like you have your head on straight. Good luck!


sarah21 - February 9

I just wanted to echo the ladies on here about symptoms coming and going. They do! My b___st soreness came and went and some days I would totally feel normal and then a few days later WHAM! There were the sore pregnancy b___bs back again. You also definitely need to get another Dr. There is no reason anyone should tell you that a miscarriage would be better. I am only 21 myself. I was 19 when I got married and DH was 25 and we get along a lot better than a lot of married couples. Age doesn't have anything to do with the quality of parents you will be it just statistically makes it easier to be more stable. I hope everything works out well for you and that you are able to carry this baby to term. Your Dr. was right though that it was probably better to not get an U/S because if you had gotten one there's a chance you won't see what they want but things are still fine so it could have caused undue stress. Better to wait a bit longer. Anyway, try to relax, enjoy your weekend, and take it one day at a time. Know that you can't do anything more and what what happens is out of your control. All you can do is cherish each moment you have with your little bean.



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