Should I Tell At Wrok

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AKA - April 4

This is my second pregnancy and I am almost 10 weeks. I am kind a showing but I ware loose cloths so no body has notice me but should I tell my boos and co-worker that I am pregnant? Please advice me....


RG - April 4

I'm 8 weeks and have told my boss and a few coworkers that are my friends, but not many at all. I think I'm holding off for the 12 week mark! Good luck.


RG - April 4

You know, I'd almost definitely tell your if you have appts, he/she will know why and not think you're just laying out of work. Just my opinion!


lilmum - April 4

I am also waiting. I don't have an employer, it's more like a partnership, but i am waiting until atleast the 12 week (possibly 16 weeks, if i don't show too much before then, this isn't my first pregnancy) just so they know that despite my morning sickness, exaustion, ect i can still do my job the their expectations and will still have credibility in my third trimester. As for doctor's appoints, once every four weeks won't be suspicious until atleast your third visit cuz they are four weeks apart. don't sweat it, unless your job performance is lacking due to your pregnancy, then i would tell them because your job is safe, they can't fire a pregnant woman for reasons due to the pregnancy, they must modify your job duties to suit your ability (atleast that's the way it is in canada). So good luck, and congrats on your baby


AKA - April 5

Thanks Ladies. I will try not to tell them until 12 weeks because after that I will show so I have to tell them.


Kim - April 5

I don't work with my boss directly so I am waiting until the next time I see him to tell him (around the 12 week mark). I had to tell some co-workers around 10 weeks because we do a lot of work dinners with clients and it was obvious when my suits were getting tight and I wasn't drinking. If you can hold out until 12 weeks, that's probably best.


Nadine - April 5

I am a teacher and am waiting until I get next year's contract in hand! If you think you'll get unfair treatment, wait! I hate to say it, but people these days are terrible--especially those running a business!! Besides, you'll be feeling better soon and you may be even more confident letting them know when you are feeling your best. Good luck!



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