Shouldn T I Be Exhausted

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Steff - April 27

I am 5 weeks pregnant and I know I am supposed to be exhausted. However, i don't get tired early. I go to bed at 10 (my regular time) and i wake up before 6. It's like as soon as I wake up i am excited because i remeber that I am pregnant. I am still tried in the morning but i cant fall back to sleep. Anyone else have this problem? Sorry if this sounds stupid but I am concerned that I am not resting enough.


kelley32 - April 27

Hi Steff ... at 4-5 weeks I was also going to bed at my normal time and not napping at all, but now I am 6.5 weeks, I just started feeling really tired a few days ago and even napped yesterday after work ... then later on during American Idol, I even missed Kellie being voted off because I had nodded off ... so don't worry if you're not exhausted yet. Even if it doesn't happen, don't worry, every woman has a different pregnancy with different symptoms. XXOO


frankschick2001 - April 27

STEFF: I think if you are going to bed at 10, and rising before 6, that is plenty of sleep and really no reason to feel tired. I mean, yeah, morning tiredness gets us all, but you are getting a decent amount of sleep so you shouldn't feel exhausted. As the weeks go by, you may find that you will get tired in the middle of the day or earlier at night. KELLEY: OMG! I nodded off last night too during Kelly's vote off!!


Steff - April 27

Thanks so much!


MM - April 27

Hey Steff, I didn't start feeling exhausted all the time until about 6 1/2 weeks. I think everyone starts their symptoms at different times (& not everyone gets each symptom). I am 11 1/2 weeks now & I still feel exhausted usually around 1 or 2 in the afternoon but it seems like it's getting a little better.


San_dee - April 28

trust me it will come!! i got the morning sickness at 6 weeks and it started to go away at about 8 weeks then at 9 weeks i got super exhausted like never before. Todays routine was went to bed at 9.30pm last night, woke up at 7am went back for a nap at 9.30am and woke up at 12.30pm, so trust me it will start to happen


squished - April 28

I was fine at 5w too. At 87-8 weeks, bam....I couldn't make it through the day without a nap. I am just now getting by with no nap at 12w.


mandee25 - April 28

I feel like I should be more tired too. All through my first trimester (I am 11 weeks today), I have not felt EXHAUSTED. I wonder why I'm not because it's such a regular symptom. It kinda worries me. I get extra sleep though, like some nights I sleep 10 hours. Am I normal?



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