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Karen - November 19

When do you start showing?


AA - November 19

usually around 3 months.


Karen - November 20

Alright, thanks. I think what's bothering me is my stomach hurts when I wear my pants so I can't wear a lot of my clothes lately, hehe.


k - November 20

I agree, 3 months. Only way I can wear my pants is if they are unzipped!!!! I definately have a belly. Some extra fat, but mostly baby. When I lay on my back I can feel the baby in a 'lump' sometimes. Im 14 weeks.


Jessica - November 20

I am now 21 weeks and just starting to really show. It is different for everyone and especially if you have had kids before. If so the muscles are already stretched so you tend to show earlier!


lee - November 21

Jessica, iszit true that if u hv kids before u tend to show earlier? i m only at my 5wks & my sis saw me today & asked m I expecting coz she says she found my tummy looks different!


hh - November 21

some people never ever show~ like me , im 38 weeks now and no one can tell


Jen - November 21

Yes! If you are having a second or more pregnancies, many show much sooner! I was surprised! I just turned twelve weeks today and I look bout 5 months!! I am in full b__wn maternity clothes!!


Tess - November 21

Im 14wks 3 days pregnant and my co-workers just made a comment today that Im showing already.....So I guess usually on your 3rd month or even later. depends on your built.


Kathleen - November 21

I'm 22 weeks and started showing probably around 20 weeks. I began wearing maternity clothing at about 19 weeks.


Ashley - November 21

I am almost 13 weeks and I'm showing! I have been wearing old navy yoga pants because my regular pants are tooooo tight but im not ready for maternity pants just yet---although I have a paid of overalls----love em!! I think I starting to poke out a couple of weeks ago. This is my first too. I wasnt heavy or skinny before but I didnt look pregnant either and now You can def. tell!! I cant wait to see my belly!!


mw - November 21

The first time I got pregnant, I didn't show much even at 3.5 months. This time (third) I am already starting to look pregnant and I am only 9 weeks. Though, I can hide it pretty easily still.


Kennedy - November 21

I'm only 7 weeks but people are starting to ask me already. I'm pet_te so I guess it's easy to spot. I've been telling people no because I don't feel comfortable telling people until the 2nd trimester but I don't know how long I can continue to deny when it's pretty clear that I'm pregnant.



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