Showing Already Or Just Bloated

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softbreeze200 - December 2

Hi everyone! I am new on here and expecting in Aug. I think this site is fantastic!!! I do have a question - well really I have about a hundred, but I will start with this one!! I am five weeks today and this is my second pregnancy. The first ended in a missed abortion in Sept in the first trimester. I already feel like my clothes are really tight and uncomfortable and I feel like I already am showing a bit. I know it is not baby, but is it possible to be that bloated already??? Or gained weight already??


mjvdec01 - December 2

Defitely, I am 6 weeks and 1 day today and you show when you show. Probably is water weight, but who cares. I had to buy maternity clothes yesterday, and was in them at 8 weeks with my first pregnancy. Go buy something that fits and let it all hang out with pride.


softbreeze200 - December 2

Thanks mjvdec01!! I was feeling kinda silly thiking that I was already showing, but I am rea__sured to know that others are in the same boat!! I wish you all the best!! Ttys!!!


XxbebexX - December 2

im 5 weeks today not showing or anything, im a little bloated but not much....i havent gained anything, maybe like a pound but thats it lol. . .my jeans are a little little bit tighter but not by much..but i can tell a difference. i think im jus bloated though....not sure


fefer1 - December 2

It's more likely that it's bloating at this point. Your uterus and the baby are so small still. Part of it is that you organs are being pushed around and added to the bloating....your tummy gets bigger. If it's your first pregnancy your muscles are still pretty strong and it takes longer for them to get all stretched out. My bloating is worst at night and I feel huge - and then morning comes and it's calmed down again.


Kevsgirl21 - December 2

This is also my second pregnancy my son is 20 months old, and right now I am 5w6d and I feel like my jeans are also so tight! I am trying to avoid materntiy clothes til lI tell my family, which is after the doc. appt. next tuesday! With my last pregnancy I avoided maternity clothe still about 4 months, but this time I already can tell that I need to be in them. Everyone shows at different times, and as long as you are comfortable in what you are wearing then more power to you!!!



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