Showing At 2months

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faith2faith - February 16

Hello there, is there anyone who is showing at 2 months, I am so uncomfortable, i have to start stuffing pillows around me for support. does anyone know for real when does the morning sickness stop? i pray soon it really tired me out just thinking about it.


jen327 - February 16

Mine stopped at about 11 weeks, maybe 12. As for the showing at 2 mts well this was my second and my first was 10lbs so I knew my uterus was going to stretch fast. But I am a little over weight, 50lbs so I have a little belly and I did not start to show until about 12 weeks. But now at 15 weeks it is popping out. Everyone is different and the thinner you are the more you show sonner.


faith2faith - February 16

thanks Jen..i stilll have about 4 more weeks to go before m/s stop... i am not small i am actually over weight myself, but i actually have a belly that i can't suck in and i feel hardness in my stomach.. makes me wonder if i am having twins lol.... no one in either mine or my hubby side has twins but i was just wondering......


jen327 - February 16

Oh, well I have a belly too and I noticed once the baby started to rise above the pelvic bone at about 10 weeks my belly started to pop out. I notice it much more when I lie down.


charee - February 17

Hey girls- I am 11 weeks now and have gained 2lbs since before i was preg. (I actually lost 7 in the first month and then gained it back in the past 4 weeks so i feel like i have gained 10!) I only had ms from 4 weeks-about 8 weeks, but i never had any with my first. Kinda wierd... I am definately starting to show- i can hide it under big t shirts but my regular pants are tight and when i lift my shirt my belly looks a little round. It definatley popped sooner this time than my first!!!


Cathy2 - February 17

Hi Faith, This is my first, I am 8>5 weeks and I can no longer do up my pants...I am a really skinny person, and there was really no room for growth in my pants...but after using safety pins last week to hold my dress pants up, i ventured out to buy a few pairs of "now and then" mom insists I'm imagining it, and it's might jsut be bloating, but either way, the tummy is hard and definately not the size is used to be!


kristina1980 - February 17

Hi, I am only little over 12 weeks, but yesterday first people asked me if I was pregnant. I gained only 3 pounds sofar, but my stomach looks bigger, and I can't get comfortable during the night anymore. I still think I am just bloated, but I don't have that much gas anymore.


kristinns25 - February 19

At about 9 weeks I felt like I was starting to show but I think it was just bloating. I am now 12 weeks. I can tell that my stomach is rounder but no one else can. My pants do not b___ton and I have started to wear maternity jeans and just bigger tops. In the mornings, I don't look pregnant at all... but by the end of the day I do show a little. It is still just from being bloated though.


crrodgers - February 24

I am almost 8 weeks and to me it felt like my stomach popped out as soon as i peed on the! This is my 5th pregnancy. I have to beautiful girls and two miscarriages. I can't wait for the 1st trimester to be over...the nerves get the best of me!


akmomma - February 25

I am 7 wks. and am not able to were my "Normal" pants already....I think I'v gained about 6 lbs, but I'm very pet_te, and this is my second pregnancy. I gained about 30 lbs last time, But don't remember gaining this fast......!


squished - February 25

Alot of women just b__w up with bloat early in their pregnancy. When I was 8 weeks my stomach would b__w up like a balloon and my pants wouldn't fit as the day went on. I wouldn't be surprised if most of it was bloat, but who knows.



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