Showing At 8 Weeks

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Anne - November 18

I am showing at 8 weeks. I was curious how your belly is supposed to feel physically. I know this may sound weird but is it hard to push on or soft. THe reason I am asking this is because, I am a normal height and weight and want to know if I am showing or it is just fat. I feel like I am showing, but I could be wrong. email me at [email protected]


torri - November 18

i am the same exact way but this is my second child and i have a belly not big but to me it just looks fat but alot of people say that it looks solid so i guess it is possible but it feels hard but still a little soft.


Anne - November 18

thanks, thats how I am it is solid but a little soft and I wanted to make sure it was baby and not fat. thanks for the reply


DESIRE - November 18



Anne - November 18

Desire, what do you mean by side problems?


Laurie - November 19

We just found out that I'm pregnant on the 18th I"m 5 weeks this is my second pregnancy. and I am showing to my belly is hard I am 5ft 2' and weighed 105 lbs and in the last two months have gained 10 lbs is this normal for a second pregnancy. I also have little symptoms,my b___sts are very tender, even to look at lol...


Laurie - November 19

I bloat out after eating too whats up with that???


sonia - November 28

I am 7 weeks pregnant(first time) and visibly showing. I have gained 10 lbs. I feel huge. I am getting married in February and am afraid I will be the size of a house by then. Help...


jennifer - April 1

email me at [email protected]


Kim - April 2

Anne, could you just have bloating at this point? I have been the same way yet it comes and goes and when I posted a similar question a few weeks ago, most people responded that it's probably just bloating and that a first pregnancy typically doesn't show until 5 months. I think that I will be a lot sooner than that but I guess it all depends. It's such a hard phase right now for me because my clothes are all tight but it's too early to start buying anything else - I'm 9.5 weeks. I have been trying to drink a lot more water than I normally do to see if it gets any better. Good luck!


HB - April 3

I am 7w and have had quite a bit of bloating since week 5. I agree, it does come and go. Also, your tummy muscles are starting to stretch and move a little. I don't think that has anything to do with the bloating but I can say that for me, my stomache has completely changed. I have a square shape now. I used to have a very small waist and nice curves. Now i look like i have a beer belly and definitely no shape. I am wondering if the shape has anything to do with the muscles moving around? It was hard at first because i have always been thin but I am very comfortable with myself now.


shanae - April 15

it is supposed to be hard towards your pelvic area but your actually belly is not


Desiree - April 15

I am almost nine weeks and I have been the exact same way for a couple weeks. I'm sure you are showing and that its not fat.


lilmum - April 15

my tell tale sign that i'm about to start showing is itchiness!! for the two weeks before i actually 'bloomed' and my belly really got big, it was itchy like crazy. I think it's very normal to get a little ponch down there in the very beginning (i already have mine).. and it does seem to steadily grow, but about half way through pregnancy (around 4 1/2 months) is when it will just appear out of no where and you'll be RUNNING to your local maternity store for anything that fits besides those sweat pants you save for laundry day :P


jade - April 16

i dont actually know how far iam but im between 8-12 weeks and im showing i used to be size 8 now 10-12 eating normal and my tommy is soft also.. how old are you?


amanda - April 19

i'm 8 weeks too and i'm definitly showing too. it does feel kind of hard and tight in the bottom of my tummy and just kinda firm all around that area. oh and none of my clothes fit right anymore.


Julie - April 22

I am about 5 weeks and showing. This is my second pregnancy and I am making every effort not to gain as much as I did the first time. That is why I am freaking out about showing already. People are even asking me if I'm prego, especially at work. Wasn't planning on telling them for a few more months. Oh well!



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