Showing At Approx 6 Weeks

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JennplusBaby - November 11

Can anyone help shed some light on why i am showing soooo much already? its my first pregnancy and i haven't had my first ultrasound yet. my doctor said according to when i was ovulating i am 2 weeks... lol not true i know that... ive been showing heavy signs of pregnancy for at least 3-4 weeks and i am huge! i am a pet_te girl and for nearly 3 weeks now (just my stomach) has bloated up to the point i can't wear my old pants anymore? i have no history of twins on both mine and my finance's side but everything i read keeps pointing in that direction. what's up?


sashasmama - November 11

How long has it been since the first day of your missed period? Most woment ovulate about 12-14 days before their next period, so that means you are about 2 weeks prego from the time of conception. I don't understand how your dr. says you are only two weeks, drs always count two weeks ahead, or from the first day of your last period. And if he/she indeed was counting from conception, that means you just now missed your period and found out you were prego. The reason why you are so big is because you are bloated and gaining weight fast. Your uterus is still just a tad bigger than usual, and the baby is tiny, so there is not way it would show this early. But I'm in the same boat, a bloated whale...and only 5 weeks from last period.


EricaG - November 12

Well, you're technically not "showing". You're bloated. It happens to many many women in the first couple months of pregnancy but will most likely go down quite a bit after a couple weeks. The same thing happened to me with both of my pregnancies. With my daughter not so much, but with this one I went up two pant sizes in just a week, lol. The baby is still very very small at this pont. probably about the size of a grain of rice and your uterus is still tucked way down behind your pelvic bone. The bloating should go down within a couple weeks at least to the point where you can wear some of your pants.


sarah21 - November 12

Well it would be nice if your bloating goes away, but don't be surprised if it doesn't. Mine didn't. My uterus popped up into my abdominal cavity early, at about 10 weeks, but kind of leveled off after that. Your baby is still very tiny so it's most likely bloating, but either way, it's a change caused by the baby and it's exciting! Before you know it, you'll be admiring your new big belly.


JennplusBaby - November 24

maybe its just bloating but it sure is *alot* as in my stomach is 10 inches bigger than it was a month ago. i understand im not 'showing' (btw im at week 7 now and its still the same) but im wonderering if my body is preparing for multiples. to everyone who knows me i look pregnant not bloated i have a very cute round lil melon going lol and still thin everywhere else. everyone is talking about going up a few pant sizes... welll that would be a bit of an understatement in my case but i guess ill find out when i get the ultrasound



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