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kingbaby3 - September 9

I am new to all of this, so I'm not up on the abbreviations. I'll do my best. I am 15 days past ovulation. I just know I am pregnant with baby number 3. Yesterday, AF didn't come... thank goodness! If I am pg, do I consider myself 2 weeks or 4 weeks? Ok, now on to my main concern. My stomach is pooched out like you wouldn't believe. Is this normal? Is my uterus already making room for new baby? With baby #1, I was showing at around 7 weeks, baby #2 about the same. This time, I already feel so bloated and big. Has anyone else experienced this kind of "show" this early?


April - September 9

Well my friend yesterday touched my tummy. I am 6 weeks. She is going to university for nursing and works at the hospital. She said she could feel my uteris on the outside. It was soft at the top of my stomache. Just below my b___sts.. than as she felt all the way down to just below my belly b___ton. It was all hard. I have beafed up as well.. so I thought it was fat.. but apprently not. As for how far along you would be thats a toughy. I ovulated around the 2nd of August. My last period started July 19th. I got my pregnancy test back on the 19th of August and it said I was going into my 4th week...Not quite suer how that works but my hcg levels were at 1626?? Which is 3-4 weeks in the first trimester. I was given a sheet to show the hcg levels and what they should be at and when. Real confusing!


amy - September 29

i am going thought the exact same thing you are im about 17 days past ovulation, with my third, no idea is its 4 weeks or 2. but my pants dont fit already, starting to puff out already. im glad im not the only one!!!


heidi - September 29

This is going to be my second. I am six weeks. Two weeks ago I weighed myself at the doctors and today I did the same thing. I have gained almost five pounds. I was sooo shocked to see the scale. I know my pants have been getting tight on me also. They say it is all fluid right now. I have been eating healthy and trying to walk some. With my other child I did not show until I was 5 months pregnant. As they say, every pregnancy is different.


ANG - September 30

I am only 6 weeks along with my second child and I am shocked that my work clothes already fit me tight. I am trying my best to wear things that will be loose enough but I am running slim on options without having to pull out the maternity clothes. I am just trying to not tell work yet, becouse I would like to make sure all is well this time and nothing happens before the end of the first trimester. I guess I am not the only one exploding already. Just remember in the end they are so cute!!!!!! And this is the only time anyone can eat like cows and noone will say anything about it. ENJOY ladies


Renee - November 10

I'm 7w3d & I feel the same way. I thought since I was overweight that it would be alot longer but I guess not. From what I've been reading the bulge is from your uterus pushing everything else up out of the way. The babies still not big enough to do that part yet. Guess I'll be as big as the house by the time this little one gets here but I'm loving it.



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