Sick And Depressed Need A Friend

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Angie B - March 3

I had to take another day off work today. My boss wasn't happy. I feel so sick, I can't stand up. I can eat but then 20 minutes later I feel dizzy and sick. I'm only 8 wks 4 days, this is supposed to go on for 4 more weeks. I'm worried I will lose my job.


Penny - March 3

Angie, I'm with you, I'm 9 weeks today, and I'm sick to my stomache all of the time. I don't want to be at work, but I force myself to go in fear of what they will say if I dare to take another day off. Does your job offer the option for you to take a leave. I have seriously been depressed as well, but I think it's more work related due to high stress. I"m here if you need to talk!! Penny


euka - March 3

Angie, I totally understand, I had to take today off too... I just couldn't get out of bed, I had a raging headache, and if I did get up, it was just to hang my head over the toilet and drool... My yearly evaluation was supposed to be this afternoon... I'm sure this is not going to sit well since it's the third time on short notice... I'm also 8 weeks and 3 days. My boss know's I"m pregnant, but I still feel like she must think I'm playing this "morning sickness" card... and depression/anxiety is certainly to be expected when you are under this kind of physical/mental stress. See your doctor and get a note, and maybe s/he can give you something for your nausea. Make sure you talk to someone if you feel you depression is more than "I can't stop barfing, I hate being pregnant"


Heidi - March 3

I totally feel for all of you. I think I'm skipping out of here early as I didn't get any sleep last night. I just laid there and tossed and turned and now I'm exhausted and getting a headache. It's the first time I'll have left cus of m/s so they shouldn't complain. It's only 2 hours. I don't want to use much sick time cus I have six weeks of paid sick time built up for maternity leave so I hope my m/s just levels out instead of getting worse. I don't throw up but sometimes I almost do and my biggest problem is being tired ALL THE TIME! I have a male boss so I think he thinks I should just get over it and get to work and so on. Good luck girls.


Britney - March 3

hey it okay!! Does your boss know your pregnant? Maybe if he doesn't try telling him and then he will understand better. I know what you are going through. Im not even 8 wks yet and if it gets any worse i really dont know what im gonna do.


J - March 3

Angie don't worry about being fired you are ent_tled to 12 weeks off pregnancy leave even if is during your pregnancy. I had to tell my boss. If you feel dizzy or sick in the morning maybe you could work something out to come in later and stay later?


Misty - March 6

I'm going through similar situation but I can't take off work( i recently had a m/c so don't want to say anything incase things don't work out) I feel nauseous ALL the time, not just in the morning, and I feel tired all the time. I have to go to work though because I'm too scared to say anything. It has made for a couple of horrible, tiring, stressfull days at work.



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