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izdeniag - January 13

So has anyone been like constanly sick with vomiting, acid reflux, and nausea. Mine is an everyday thing, all day. I'm miserable but I'm only ten weeks, I wonder how much longer it will be. They say sometimes it can go even into the second trimester. Even when I take medicine it is still the same. Does anyone have any ideas that helped them get through this miserable stage?


tyler0323 - January 13

i was super sick like that untill about 12 weeks then it just stopped. You are aloud to take childrens graval, morning and at night. this helps and is cheaper than paying for a perscription. try light snacking more frequent throughout the day as well. larger meals will make you feel more sick. gl


TiffanyRae - January 14

HI guys! I was also very very sick. I am now just shy of 12 weeks and the nausea has really the end is near izdeniag!! I was so sick I was hospitalized twice with dehydration. So they finally gave me a drug called Phenegran. I am supposed to take one tablet every six hours or as necessary but i only took half and only when I really needed it. It helped alot actually! They also suggested smaller meals more often, no liquids with food just in between ect ect...nothing worked. I was just nauseated and thorwing up ALL the time. But like I said it is now almost 12 weeks and I haven't thrown up in two days. Still feeling a little sick when I get up fast or stand too long but thats about it! Hope you all feel better soon!


Allisonc79 - January 14

I was vomiting alot too.Now at 12 weeks 3 days I just get queasy for a few minutes and then it goes away completely. Now I just want to eat everything. You should start feeling better in a week. Some cases women will feel sick till there second trimester but thats only around 10%. My ob said it would peak in my 10th week but I felt better in my 9th.


Allisonc79 - January 14

sorry I meant women that still feel really sick well into their 2nd trimester not at the beginning is only around 10 % =)


ChattyKathy - January 15

They say ginger is a natural way to sooth the stomach. Some herbal stores sell candied ginger (which one woman on here swore by). You can also take ginger supplements, tea with real ginger, etc.


MAT - January 15

Big Red gum helped me with nausea... another trick is to eat very regularly - small snacks throughout the day keeps your stomach on an even keel. Most women seem to feel better between 12-16 weeks...good luck!



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