Sick Of People Asking

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A - May 9

Is anyone else sick of people asking them all the time how they are feeling every day, everytime they see you once they find out your are pg? I don't know if it is the hormones, but I am just getting so sick of everyone always asking me how I am feeling! Maybe it is just the hormones, but I am always feeling fine- I'm sure they don't want to hear I feel bloated and gassy and that is about it. ugh! Any polite ways to ask them not to ask all the time?


Alison - May 9

I guess you could just say to them that you're fine but there's no need to ask all the time that you will let them know if you're not ok but otherwise they don't need to worry about you? Tricky one I guess. We're waiting until first scan to tell people so no one knows about me yet but DH asks alot if I am ok but it's only because I have had miscarriages so he just wants to make sure I'm ok. He asks alot! It's sweet though. Hopefully once we're past the 12 week mark he won't feel he needs to ask so much. I guess people also feel if they don't ask how you are they might seem "insensitive" not that they would but they maybe think that? At least they care though I imagine it must get frustrating! xxx


To A - May 9

People are just being concerned, it's a way that they can show that they care. I think 'asking' them not to ask all the time would be a little rude after all they are JUST asking how you are feeling, get used to it :)


m - May 9

A, I can totally relate! As soon as people found out I was pregnant it seems like I was being asked if I was ok every 10 mintues. It gets very irritating! I'll probably never say anything though, I know they are just showing their concern. But I don't have to like it.


crystal - May 10

I agree with "To A" people are just concerned about you and the baby. Plus when your pregnant you go through and feel alot of diff. things, so they just want to know how your handling everything. So just get used to it. Your going hear it though out your whole pregnancy and even after the baby is born.



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