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Carol - May 2

For various reasons, I have decided not to br___tfeed. This wasn't an easy decision, but I was very uncomfrotable with the idea of br___tfeeding and have since found peace after talking to women who formula feed and deciding that this was best for me. While I completely know that br___tfeeding is best, I made an educated decision not to do so. What bothers me is when people give me their opinion on this matter as if I am a horrible person or just an idiot for not doing so. This is a very personal decision and I wish that people would just keep their mouths shut if they don't agree. I think of the old saying - If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all! Has anyone else decided not to br___tfeed and experienced this?


Lynn - May 2

I have decided to b___stfeed and get the same thing from many people who chose to formula feed. I agree, people should keep their opinions to themselves. How you feed your child is a very personal decision that most people don't just make on a whim. You take into acount, your lifestyle, beliefs, and a lot of other things before you make the decision. And it's completely up to you and noone else. I've read on this forum where some women's husband's given them a hard time about not breatfeeding! Can you believe that?


Carol - May 2

If my husband insisted on b___stfeeding, I would tell him that I hope scientist hurry up and find a way for men to b___stfeed! We suffer enough during pregnancy to be told what we have to do after the kid is born! But it seems that everyone is an expert on raising children! Even those people who dont'have them!


Liz - May 2

Carol-are you the Carol from the "Liz/ Hailey thread? I am telling you that you remind me of me!!!! I bottle fed and was sick to d__n death of MEN asking me if I was going to b___st feed. You have to do what works for you!!!! My daughter is healthy and the tallest in her cla__s so for worked! : ) My hubby was great about it and actually liked to feed her too!


RG - May 3

I'm with both of you, I want to b___stfeed, but my mother wanted to also and wasn't able to, it is a personal decision--just be aware, when you post a thread like're going to get plenty of opinions...even ones you don't want! Good luck with your decision!


Christy - May 6

I am going to try to b___stfeed, but if it doesn't work out for whatever reason, I am not going to beat myself up over it. I have talked to so many people recently who tried tried to nurse and ended switching to bottlefeeding. They all said it was the best thing for them. I really thought I would never even consider bottlefeeding, but now I am more open to it since b___stfeeding may not be as easy as I hope it to be. In any case Carol, why do people care what you do? I swear, I think it is this wierd compet_tive thing with women. My friend had someone tell her that she didn't really give birth because she had to have to c-section. Like she could help that she has narrow hips and the kid couldn't get out!? Anyway, it is your choice whether you want to bottlefeed or b___stfeed. End of story. You have to be comfortable with it. If you are happy, you will be a happier mom, and in turn, will have a happier baby. Tell your critics to eat cake. . . or drink formula. :)


To Carol - May 7

A lot of people find it selfish not to b___stfeed if you are able. At least I think that is the reason for the critism. If anyone finds time to point the finger and say that, then they should evaluate themselves as well. Do they always cook homemade, organic, nourishing meals for their families? Or do they often eat out or eat processed foods to save time or energy?? I have been a director in the private and public sector and let me tell you...some of the lunches these kids bring to school can make you cry. The lunches wouldn't nourish anything with a pulse! What good does it do to b___stfeed...point the finger...and then raise your child on junk food after that? you can see I am on a bunny trail. I did b___stfeed my first and it was hard but we did save a lot on formula and bottles. I did enjoy it sometimes but it was a lot of hard work. So for those of you that can...go for it. If you can't...don't worry about it and be thankful for the great alternatives we have these days. Carol... I also meant to mention that you might consider pumping a bit to supplement the bottles if you can. It is worth a try if you think it is worth it. Whatever you decide..good luck!


More opinions - May 7

It doesn't look like you want people to keep their opinions to themselves because you are debating it here. U are choosing what's right for you, over what's right for the baby. If you do that, then you have to accept that somebody will disapprove. It goes against the whole 'wanting the best for your child' thing. It seems really odd to be the mother of a tiny baby and not be able feed it yourself, with your own body because you choose to let the milk dry up. You fed your baby with your own body while you were pregnant, what's wrong with it now?


jessie - May 7

Carol - I don't know the various reasons you have chosen not to b___stfeed, but it seems like they are probably worthwhile. To those people who criticize - if you didn't criticize them with their children, they have no right to do it to you. I say to you...good luck on this decision. They have improved formula vastly over the years. I think your child will be fine. However, may I suggest allowing your baby to b___stfeed the first day or two? This is when you have your colostrum (sp?) and not milk. This colostrum is like a super-dose of essential nutrients and infection-fighting antibodies. Even letting your baby do this once is very beneficial. And please note, Carol, this is only a suggestion. If you've already considered this part and decided against it, then disregard this section. No judgement will be given either way! God bless and good luck to you!


just a fact - May 7

I am not here to judge, i am indifferent about your decision, i just want to want to shed some light on why some feel it "unnatural" not to b___stfeed. The actual definition of mammal is "warm blooded animal whose females suckle young with self-produced milk..."


Lynn - May 23

Personally I feel b___stfeeding is wonderfull. With first child I did it for 6 weeks, second child for 9 months. When waking up at night, no bottle to warm and while traveling it is very easy. besides the fact that you do give extra to your baby it is a wonderfull experience. If this is your first child I would suggest to try b___stfeeding before giving up completely. You can not make a true decision if you don't know what you're giving up.


Hanna - May 23

Carol, I haven't got any experience (don't have any children yet), but my mother gave me formula feed and I am doing just fine. You have your reasons for your decision and you know best what to do in your situation. That is all that matters. Good luck!


Caroline - May 23

It's you baby and as long as it's fed you should chose the means by which to feed it. There will always be criticism since people all think others should do as they do. I have no desire to b___stfeed. Do what works for you.


Heidi - May 23

My fiance thinks I should and all that jazz and got mad when I said I just didn't want to. His mom formula fed him and he turned out fine! Or I should say to him, well after seeing how you turned out, maybe I SHOULD b___stfeed. Ha ha!


Lydia - May 25

I realised that there are mummies who b___stfed or have natural birth out to show off. They will then announce to people that they have b___stfed their kid for how long and they have natural birth without any pain killer. I have b___stfed my kid for 10mths old, however, I do understand that they are people who are not able to do so. I don't see it as a problem. More importantly is the mummy and the baby are healthy and happy. Enjoy every single moment with the kid. Breastfeed or not, having pain killer during delivery or not, all these are not a big deal. Building strong bonding with the kid, enjoy your time with the kid are more important than anything else.


I just have to say something - May 25

After giving birth to my son, I desperately tried to b___stfeed him, but it didn't work, and all that happened was that my son became dehydrated. Luckily I recognized the signs, otherwise he could have been hospitalized. I turned to formula, and he took to it right away. Sure it's more expensive, but his happiness and health were more important than my budget. In my case, as I'm sure is the same for many new mommies, the choice to bottle-feed was for MY BABY, and not for me.



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