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Erika - August 31

can I know I pregnant for the first week? Can I start gettint simptoms during 1st week


karen - June 29

can you get pregent if you have your tubes tide?


ang - June 30

I had mine tied 6 years ago and I am now a month along and so far so good


Rebekah - July 21

How far along do you have to be to get simptoms?


sarah - July 30

what simptoms will i get if i am pregnant


brucen - July 31

Symptoms vary from person to person, I didn't know for sure until I missed my period. Thinking back on it now, I suppose I kinda knew as my usually favorite beverage (wine) was replaced with water. I just couldn't drink, at first I thought I over did the New Year's Eve celebrations and my body was saying no more. As it turns out I did over do the New Year's celebrating, but not with libations.:) Check out the pregnancy symptoms posted by April under the "stomach hardness" post.


S.Bright - August 22



michelle - August 31

I am 36 and I had my tubes tide. I am now 45 days late and I alway have my period on time. I had my tube tide 3 years ago. I have cramping and my b___st are becoming very sore. I took a home pg test and it was neg. but I am sick all the time and do not like to eat or drink. Can the test be wrong?


Katie - September 14

I knew right away theat I was pregnant (probably the day after I concieved). My b___st were very sore. My b___st get sore a few days before my period, but this was a more deep down pain. I'm almost 5 weeks now and don't have any of the other "typical" symtoms. I don't even notice a size difference in my b___st (eventhough my husband says they are a little swelled looking). Everybody is different.


jessica - September 17



Anetra - September 24

I had my tubes tide 5yrs ago i am spotting could i be pregnant


monique - September 24

if your tubes are tied, you have to be careful at this point, see a doc as soon as possible!


shar - September 29

i had my tubes tide and can i get pregnant again.


Britney - October 5



april - October 6

stomach hardness


jo - September 13

can i get pregent after my tubes have been tied


AH - September 13

why do people ask the same exact question as other people a few posts above? try reading the section.



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