Since You Made It Ttc Cm Before Af Or Bfp Question

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sososleepy - February 23

Hi Ladies. I found this place after a mc at 9 weeks. I was ttc, but not charting and checking cm, cp, etc. for that pg. Now I've had 1st O after mc, and am really really trying ttc (charting ect.), and wondered if any of you noticed if your cm increased in week 2 dpo on your bfp cycle as opposed to the same week on bfn cycles? It's the subject of some discussion, but no clear answers, so any/all info is greatly appreciated! Thanks.


sososleepy - February 23

made it to the first trimester forum as opposed to where we, the ttc ladies, are lingering longingly and hopefully....


slackette - February 23

sososleepy, I charted for almost a year before ttc and my cm after my O where I conceived was the same as it was on all other unsucessful months. I had no cm signs at all that anything was different (of course everyone is different). I did notice about 7dpo that my b___bs were KILLING me more than any other period I had ever had. I just thought I was gaining weight and about to get my period. Then about 10dpo I started spotting (I thought it was the begining of AF). Those were my only signs. I hope this helps and good luck!!!!


sososleepy - February 23

slackette, thanks for answering. Total bummer though, I was so looking for the yes on that one! Time will tell, but time is pa__sing so slowly right how!!! It helps. Any answer to think about is better than none. Thank you.


heather28 - February 23

This may not help either. We did the whole charting thing for several months. I checked my BBT every morning and tried though mostly unsuccessful in charting my cm. Anyway, we went to a fertility doctor and he suggested we try IUI. We were going to do that upon my husbands return from Iraq. So we quit charting and quit making a dash for the bedroom when I thought my O had occurred. And what do you know the week after my hubby left I found out I was pg. Everyone kept saying it would happen if we would just relax and not "try" so hard. I guess they were right. :) Good Luck!! ~Baby dust to you~



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