Sinus Infection And Pregnant

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MRS.R - April 26

Doesn't it figure i just find out i am pregnant and i know i have a sinus infection.. Is there anything i can take? Usually i have to get an antibiotic to clear this stuff up.. Anyone else had this experience?


Lynn - April 26

Call the doctor on this one. I usually get 1 bad sinus infection every year around may or june & the only thing that has cleared it up in the past is Levaquin which you CANNOT take while pregnant. I think you can take penicillin & amoxicillin and those types of antibiotics, and you can take SOME over the counter, I can't remember if it is Benadryl or Sudafed so check with your doctor.


MC - April 26

I called my doctor about the same thing...she told me to take Benadryl. Hope this helps!


Amy - April 26

Hi. I was told by my doctor that..Benadryl, Sudafed, and Sinutab are all safe options to try while pregnant. Hope this helps.


MRS.R - April 27

Thanks all for your answers... Went to Dr. today .. I was told the same thing so i am takeing sudafed.. But was given codiene cough medicine which i am hesitant to take.. Isn't that a narcotic?


Amy - April 27

Yes it is a narcotic, but it is considered safe for pregnancy.


lilmum - April 27

i had one a few weeks ago and my doctor was very hesitant to put me on antibiotics (allergic to penicillin and the alternatives are not as safe). He told me to use an over the counter nasal spray and humidifier for the next three or four days, and it did work. I was so relieved and it was very safe.


Mandy - April 28

If you just started having symptoms one thing that works for me is to take some tea tree oil (you can get a health food store for less than $10) and adad several drops to a bowl of luke warm water. Then put your face down in the water and blink your eyes. It will burn but as the tea tree gets into you sinus' they will clear out. It usually takes a couple of times but it works for me. I also add some to my bath water and I soak. Why take any chances with drugs?


Liz - April 28

I had a sinus infection back when I was preg. and took benadryl. It actaully went away after about 1 week. Feel better soon : )


Michelle - April 29

Me too! I went to my OBGYN and he gave me amoxicillin and a decongestant that will have no effect on the pregnancy. Ask your doctor. I felt better immediately.


Ivrie - May 24

I have a sinus infection right now. The Dr. perscribed amoxicillin. I don't know how benedryl or sudafed could cure an infection. I would think you'd need a perscribed antibiotic like amoxicillin to get rid of an infection.


Kayris01 - April 4

I didn't want to take any drugs if I can help it, especially prescription ones that you have to take for a set amount of time even if you're feeling better. I usually get a sinus infection twice a year and take phenelephrine (sp?) and musinex to clear it up. Works great for me (because I can't take sudifed) but I can't take it during pregnancy. I called the doctor and he said I can take Cepacol lozenges (who knew there was a difference in cholraseptic, halls, ludens, etc...) Vicks 44 regular, Robistussin regular, Sudafed, and Saline Nasal Spray. I hope this helps someone who gets sick at night or on the weekend and can't call their doctor.


Perl - April 21

Thanks Kayris. I don't have a sinus infection yet but I seem to get one every allergy season around May and then in December if I get a cold. My allergies are out of control right now so no doubt the sinus infection is next but I'm trying to avoid it.


nikki7163 - October 18

I just went to the doctor today and they gave me amoxicillin and in the morning take a hot shower for about 20 minutes should help.



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