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KSM - February 12

they say to sleep on your side or stomach, not your back. is that just for later in the pregnancy or now as well.


debbie80 - February 12

KSM- I was trying to figure this one out myself. I have actually been sleeping on my side because sometimes it hurts when I lay on my stomach. I saw you in the other forum that you are from Chicago,25 with baby #1. I am from Chicago, 26 with baby #1. I go for my 12 week scan on about you?


moescrilla - February 12

I dont think you'd be able to sleep on your stomach later in pregnancy... for obvious reasons. I think they say left side is the best. Its best to start now so you're used to it when your bigger.


jen327 - February 12

Left side is best because it is the best way to get blood flow and circulation to the baby, laying on your back is bad because the bigger the baby gets the heavier it is on the major artery and again decreases circulation and is bad for the baby. Stomach is ok for a bit, but as you start to poop out, it is not good. My OB explained all this to me and said I should get used to sleeping on my side. I HATE sleeping on my side, so I am not looking forward to the next 5 months. Hope this helps.


KSM - February 12

hi debbie80, i'm in plainfield. how bout yourself? we just found out so i am just 6 weeks or so. we are sooo excited, especially b/c we have been trying for 21 months! i go for my first appoint on wed.


Belle - February 12

I haven't been able to sleep well since I got pregnant, I toss and turn all night...every position I get in I feel first I thought it was my husband that bothered me, but he tried sleeping on the couch and that was even more uncomfortable for me because I'm not used to sleeping without him...I was never able to fall sleep on my back, even before my my only option is my side...I wish I could sleep on my stomach because that was my favorite position to sleep doctor told me that you shouldn't lay on your back because of the weight of the uterus that can make it painful and he also mentioned something about the weight damaging your blood vessels, which can be harmful...


debbie80 - February 13

KSM- I am in friend used to live in Plainfield years ago but she moved out to Vegas....what a change that one is!!! So you are just about 6 weeks...congrats! You and I have been trying for a long time. It took us two years to have a somewhat successful pregnancy-and I mean this by saying I am almost 12 weeks and I go for my appointment on Thursday....if everything is okay, then I can finally start to relax. I have had two m/c so far ....we found out on Christmas that we were expecting...I told DH this has to be sign that this pregnancy is going to be a far so good but lately I havent been feeling so prego lately...I guess I just have to wait and see. Do you have any symptoms??


KSM - February 13

i have some lower back pain and have very sore b___bs, but i have not been sick. i feel pretty good. i read that the sicker you are the better chances you have of carrying a pregnancy to term. were you sick this early? good luck with your appointment. will i be able to hear the heart beat on wednesday or is it too early?


DUESEPTEMBER28TH - February 13

i think it's for now as well b/c when you sleep on your left side you allow more oxygen to your baby and it will get more nutrients to grow that way. my doctor told me that the left side has a better flow.


debbie80 - February 13

KSM- it depends on what type of equipment your doctor uses. Mine office is pretty high tech and my doctor was able to find the heart beat at 6 weeks. I went back a week later to make sure the heart beat went up and it did. She first tried on my stomach and couldnt find it so then she told me that she would like to do a v____al u/s on me and as soon as she did, we saw the bean with a stronger heart beat....dont get upset if your doctor can not find it tomorrow..everyone is different. Some doctors are not able to find the heart beat until 12 weeks or so... I am very nervous about my appointment. This is all that I have been thinking off...its either going to be a reality check or disappointment..thats just how I feel. In regards to yoru question about how I felt early on...I was queasy to my stomach all the time and I had my first m/s around 6 weeks and then had it again at week 7 for an entire week!! I couldnt keep down my breakfast food at all. I am still really tired and lately I have been almost feeling like I need to pa__s out or something..its weird. I did not have any sore bbs at all- they are just a little fuller with some blue veins in them..thats about it... what time is your appiontment tomorrow? I will be thinking of you =) good luck to you!


KSM - February 13

my appointment is at 1:00, it's at west suburban in oak park so we're going to have to leave hours before just to get there on time with this crazy weather. i'll be thinking about you too


DownbutnotOUT - February 13

KSM that info is an old wives tale there is no truth in how sick you are the more likeyl you are to carry to term. With my 4th pregnancy I was sicker than I was with my 5th pregnancy and I lost my 4th pregnancy to a missed m/c, while my 5th little wee one is healthy as can be and over 22 weeks now. Also I slept on my tummy till i was about 12 weeks and now i sleep on my left side and sometimes find myself waking up on my back. They do say sleeping on your back in your 2nd tri is dangerous for the baby because it can crush blood vessels to the baby.


KristinTone - February 13

Why can't we sleep on our backs??? I am most comfortable this way



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