Sleeping On Left Side

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sixela729 - January 17

Do any of you have advise as to whether you need to start sleeping on your left side early in the 1st trimester or if you do not need to do this until a little later on? Thanks!


jessicaspatherapist - January 17

i'm not sure sixela, personally i like sleeping on my left side anyway. but i do know that your liver is on your right side and sleeping on your right side also goes against the digestive if you're constipated and aggrevated i'd say start sleeping on the left!


sixela729 - January 17

Thank you for your response jessica! I am already struggling with constipation...prunes are useless for me. Any advise? Also I heard that sleeping on your stomach or back can reduce bloodflow to the baby...have you heard this? Also I am so bloated..already I measure 2 inches more around the belly b___ton at 1/2 weeks..does this sound normal? My pants are feeling snug.


DownbutnotOUT - January 17

for constipation I drink lots of water and if that doesnt work i am lactose intolerant so I have a big gla__s of milk and it gets things moving right quick. Otherwise you might need to use suppositories once in awhile if it is really bad.


jessicaspatherapist - January 17

how many weeks are you sixela? i kind of still sleep on my stomach at times, but i've been using a body pillow to try to break the habit...i think the only thing with sleeping on your belly is that it gets nearly impossible down the road...and yes, after about 4 or 5 months you shouldn't sleep on your back because it cuts off some oxygen to the baby. as for the constipation....drink lots of water! i also added raisin bran as my breakfast every day and eat at least one green veggie per day....that has been helping big time!


sixela729 - January 17

jessica, i am 8 1/2 weeks so still early on, but not sure if i should already sleep on the left side


kerryv - January 18

it cant hurt to start doing it now so you can get used to it. however the main thing you need to do later on is not sleep on your back. the left side is most preferred b/c it provides you and the baby with better blood supply and doesnt work your heart as much.


florinna - January 18

I was told it's OK to take one Phillips Milk of Magnesia pill each day you need it for constipation. I only needed it a couple of times, but it did work.



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