Sleeping On My Stomach

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Joanne - November 29

I know this sounds really stupid, but is it ok to sleep on my stomach, I'm not really showing yet, I'm 12 weeks and in the evening my stomach is hard and sticks out a little, but at the moment i can't sleep any other way - I'm sure i'm not hurting the baby as it is still quite small and is well protected but it is something i am slightly worried about.


melanie - November 29

I am going to be 13 weeks and still sleep on my stomach. I don't think it hurts the baby.


lianne - November 29

you know whats funny is that i have wondered the same thing...i am usually a side sleeper, but since i have been pregnant, i constantly wake up on my stomach...i guess that my body is gearing up to not being able to sleep on my stomach soon even if i wanted to lol...anyways, i asked my doc about it at my last appointment, and she said the same thing that you said, that we arent hurting the baby, and that it is well protected, plus she said that my own body would tell me when it is time to not sleep on my stomach, because it wont be so comfortable anymore. i hope this helps some. take care, and congrats on your this your first?


Joanne - November 29

This is my 2nd pregnancy, but i miscarried the first at 7 weeks, so I am still very anxious. I suppose i should still enjoy sleepin gon my stomach, as soon i will be so big i won't be able to.


JR - December 1

I am 13 weeks, and I am still sleeping on my stomach. I dread the day that I can't anymore b/c that is MY POSITION to fall asleep in. I have a hard time falling asleep on my side or back. ahhh!


bec - December 11

I am so pleased someone else is worried about this. I am 6 weeks and keep thinking of little things that may sound stupid to others. So thanks all of you!


Liana - December 12

I'm glad to hear it's okay. I don't really sleep on my stomach, but there are things I find comfortable lying on my stomach. Did that make sense? I'm also glad to hear that others who are as far along as I am aren't really showing too much either. I'm just over 12 weeks and have been a little worried that I still fit in my clothes without problem. Anyone else feel like that?


amber - December 12

I was told when i was pregnant with my daughter (almost a yr old now) that sleeping on the stomach shouldnt be done. I was told to sleep on my left side, as that is the best side to sleep on to get Oxygen to the baby....however, any side is fine,as is back, left side is best though.



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