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maria - October 17

I am afraid to sleep on my stomach I think I am going to harm the baby and I really can't sleep because I am afraid to roll over on it but I am only 9 weeks along.


Baby#3 - October 17

Hi Maria, I think that it is ok to sleep on your tummy for as long as you can anyway by 9 weeks I would think it would start to get uncomfortable. I am 6 weeks and when I lay on my tummy it feels like I am laying on a very uncomfortable spot on my bed. Try using a body pillow to cuddle on to they are really comfy and my doctor always told me that the baby gets more oxygen if you lay on your left side. Hope that helps.


Dia - October 17

Maria, I am glad you asked that question! I am about 6 weeks along and I get sick everytime I lay on my stomach!


emma - October 18

I don't think it's a problem to sleep on your stomach at this stage. I have been having trouble sleeping so i revert to my favorite position - with one hand under my hip bone and sort of half on my tummy, half on my side, one leg out. just be comfortable, you won't harm the baby.


Kim - October 18

I was wondering how you are supposed to sleep once your tummy gets too big to sleep on your stomach?? I ALWAYS fall asleep on my stomach, and I am getting nervous for when I cant anymore.....afraid I will have a hard time getting to sleep every night. I know this sounds like somthing that is silly to worry about, but I seriously always have fallen asleep on my tummy, and find it hard any other way. any suggestions???


to kim - October 24

enjoy it now cause when you can't you'll hate life!! during my 1st pregnancy, all i wanted was to lay on my tummy and couldn't... i couldn't wait to not be pregnant and just lay there on my stomach... i lay on my belly every chance i get now (i'm 7 weeks) cause i know it won't be long before i can't!


patty - October 24

when do you have to stop sleeping on your back? I heard you have to sleep on your left side if possible.


Ca__sie - October 24

You can sleep on your stomach for as long as it is comfortable. Using pillows for support always helps. I slept on my stomach for as long as I could because that was always my "fall asleep position." Now at 33 weeks I've learned to fall asleep on either side. Left side is probably the best, but if you don't have high blood presure or other complications, it really doesn't matter which side you lay on. My doc said that at about 20 weeks, it is best to stop laying flat on your back... has to do with blood flow. When my hips get sore from sleeping on either side, I end up propping pillows up and sleeping in a semi-sitting position. If you're tired enough, you can sleep any which way! :-)



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