Sleepless In Canada

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tuntun - March 8

My wife is 8 weeks pregnant, and she has not been sleeping well lately. Sleeping is generally not a problem prior to getting pregnant. Last night, she went to bed at 11 pm only to wake up at 2 am, and tossed and turned the whole night. And that has been going for many nights. Have anyone else experienced similar problems? Taking sleeping pills is out of the question, but does anyone have other suggestions to help her sleep better?


Beth - March 8

I think it just comes with the first trimester of being pregnant, and actually the rest of the trimesters also if one does not find a comfortable position. I too tossed and turned for weeks, some nights I still do, but what she can try is putting a pillow in between in knees, it keeps the legs even, and even if she is not showing yet she may feel comfortable while lying on her side to take a pillow and put it under her belly, almost propping it up. Those have worked somewhat for me, hope it helps!


Julie - March 8

I totally have the same problem. They say some exercise late afternoon helps. I'm also dreaming a ton, weird, not scary but very fast, chaotic and weird dreams. Tell her to hang in there, they say this will get better in 2nd trimester.


aw - March 8

Check out this website: I usually fall asleep on my left with my left leg stretched out straight and my right pulled up in a 90 degree angle supported by a pillow under my right leg and knee.


Sarah - March 9

I have trouble sleeping too I'm nearly 15 weeks. I find a gla__s of milk before bed ( sounds stupid ) or making sure I don't drink too much after dinner because I'm up all night going to the toilet. If she lets herself relax before going to bed instead of thinking about things and the like it works too because your body relaxes. The important part is to try and keep an even sleeping pattern, early nights and sticking to it! good luck


Diane - March 12

I have had sleeping disorder from week 4. It is the most awful thing. I go to bed at 10, fall asleep fairly quickly, but then wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning and can't fall asleep anymore. I am so exhausted, life lost all of its color. Nothing really helps much, although not drinking before bedtime, does help a little, because then you don't have to get up several times to go to the restroom.


G - March 13

Hi guys, although I am only 6 weeks pregnant ever since I found out I have had awful problems sleeping! I fall asleep only to be wide awake later, its a nightmare. I think a lot of it is due to worrying in the first I have got marginally better! just try and relax


Devon - March 15

I'm on baby three, and have experienced this every time. My husband can't even breathe at night without me waking up. I've found that by putting on the ensuite bathroom fan, I am able to easier block out things that might otherwise have woken me up. Also, try an after dinner walk, helps digest, but also tires you out! Good luck!



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