Sleepless In Seattle

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B - June 11

Any suggestions for sleeping at night? I am exhausted all day-no energy-pretty much can't wait to go to bed......then I toss and turn all night. I am so tired!! I am 6 weeks due feb 3rd. Does anyone else feel the same? Is this normal?


Tammee - June 11

Yes, I am doing the same. I also live in Seattle and I am due Feb. 10th. I find myself moving from the bed to the sofa and back, until I finally fall asleep. I don't remember this happening to me until later in the pregnancy with my son, but I know there is nothing to worry about. Some how after the baby is born you forget all about sleep! Good luck to you!


mama2be - June 12

from boston here. yes I feel the same way, you described it exactly. I'm carrying twins and am 13w2d due dec 16th.. I think its normal (its mentioned in all the baby books I've read) and nothing to worry about unless you don't sleep ever.. I find myself watching tv and shifting positions constantly until I finally feel my eyes getting heavy. :( hopefully it lets up soon, I'd love to get a good sleep.


B - June 13

Thanks guys. I got better sleep this weekend so we shall see how the week goes. **mama2be**When did you find out you were having twins? I had my first preg dream last night that during my first u/s the nurse couldn't tell if I was having 6 or 7 babies and I was like WHAT??.........I know thats wierd but that is what I dreamed lol ;-P


Brooke - June 15

B, I live in Seattle too! I am 7 1/2 weeks long. I have been taking naps during the day and I have trouble sleeping at night too. Also my husband totally snores, and it drives me nuts.


Tammee - June 15

Brooke, I am in the same boat with my husband snoring, I have to leave and sleep on the couch in the middle of the night- he thinks I have stopped loving him....


dani - June 15

I have about 2 good nights of sleep and then 5 ok or really bad nights of sleep. The dh snores and rolls over on my side of the bed, and I'm trying to make a conscious decision to sleep on my left side, which is incredibly hard to do when your a right side sleeper.


Laura - June 15

I totally relate! I'm often up with gas pains, and wake up really early for a few hours and then sleep until the alarm goes off. I'll find out my date tomorrow at an ultrasound, but should be around 2/5. It's also partly excitement for me I think. Good luck!


B - June 16

When are we supposed to start sleeping on our left side? I sleep on my stomach and back which are both now no nos but does anyone know when that starts? I feel for all of you with snoring hubbys. I am lucky to at least not have that interferance. Just a dog who always seems to have to go in the middle of the night...........


Anne - June 16

HA! You think you're sleep deprived now?!? Wait till the baby's born! You won't care what "side" you're sleeping on or wether you're in bed or on the couch!



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