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Amber - December 28

I am about 5 weeks along and I have had THE worst time sleeping! I usually do not go to bed until late, like 12am or so, but lately I am down for the count by about 9:30 and it seems like I sleep REALLY good for an hour, and then it all starts! I toss and turn and dream and get up for bathroom trips, this happens all night long. I am then up for good about 6am or so, usually earlier. Anyone else have trouble sleeping at night??


jess - December 28

Me too It is crazy I have no enrgy and am so tired but can't sleep when i do sleep i ahve CRAZY dreams!! I a=have read books surfed th net and watch movies al night.....But I guess i will be prepared for in 9 months when i still don't get to sleep>>>Which i could not be happier about CONGRATS o you too


lilmama - December 28

I hate to tell ya this guys, but get used to it! It only gets worse! Im sorry that you had to start it so early though. I am 13 weeks and still sleeping ok. But everyone is different. With my last child it started around 5 months or so. I dealt with the same things you described. Closer to the end I would wake up every half hour to pee. I was so thirsty at night that everytime I woke up I drank a 20 oz bottle of water. (which is probably why I had to pee so much lol) As for the dreams, that is normal too. A lot of pregnant wemon will have s_xual dreams about ex boyfriends and dreams about their life before pregnancy. I guess just because your life is changing so much so quickly, ya know. Well good luck with your sleeping troubles. Oh by the way, my doc said it is ok to take tylenol pm and this helps some


Amber - December 29

Thanks for the input! I may be having some troubles so far, but there is nothing else I would rather be doing, so I guess I need to just suck it Jess, how far along are you? Congrats to all.


kat - January 2

ive had trouble sleeping too.although ive not had a pos result yet!


Becca - January 5

I know exactly what you mean! I am almost 7 weeks and I have the same thing going on...GREAT sleep for about an hour and then toss/turn/bathroom trip and start all over again. By 3am I am up staring at the clock just knowing I only have 2 hours left and I can't sleep!! It's frustrating! I didn't have this problem until the third trimester when I was pregnant with my daughter, but then it was heartburn that kept me up. I am always tired and feel like I can't get enough sleep! At least I'm not alone!:-)


margo - January 7

I'm almost 7 weeks, and I've been pooped, and up about 3 times during the night to go 'pee.', though I have all this energy. I'm wondering if perhaps the holidays really caught up with me!


jules - January 7

I was reading on some site (not sure which one!!!) but sleeplessness is an early pregnancy symptom. I was having a real hard time from 4 wk up to 8 wk - I woud go to sleep and then I would toss and turn all night waking up more tired than I was when I went to bed. But I did read that it is due to all the hormones circulating thru your body and all the changes your body is experiencing. I am 9 wks now and I am finally sleeping a little better!!! It does get better!!! laugh!!! At least for the 2nd trimester...3rd trimester is a different story all together!!! Good luck!!!


Amber - January 7




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