Slight Cramps Lanyone Else

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Nellie - June 9

I am 5w6d and every now and then I get a slight cramp...just like a mild menstual cramp. I am pretty sure this is normal, but has anyone else experienced this? Other than that I feel fine...just a little sleepy!! and sore bbs!


Tekla - June 9

Yes! In fact, for the longest time I thought I was just about to have a whammy of a period because I had what I thought were light menstrual cramps and my b___bs were SO sore. Finally after about a month of these mild symptoms but no period I decided that maybe it was something else, did a pregnancy test, and about fell on the floor when it showed up positive. I don't know why I was so shocked since we'd been really trying, but it just blew me away! Anyway, I am still having mild cramps which I've learned from doing some research is completely normal.


Suebee - June 9

Nellie...I'm 5wks and get mild cramps on and off all the time. It's absolutely normal and nothing to worry about..mild cramping is just part of all asked my ob today and he confirmed that it's very normal..In fact he said alittle bleeding and cramping this early is nothing to worry about. It's when the cramping is severe and/or you have heavy bleeding that's when you should be concerned. I actually experienced the latter when I had my m/c in Dec.. You'll definitely know the difference in the severity trust me... no need to worry, you're fine! good luck !!


Lil Rascal - June 9

I've been getting mild cramps also with out bleeding and I also heard that it is normal. I heard it's all the stretching of the ligaments. I'm 5wks and 1day PG and I have the exact same symptoms as Nellie, the sore bbs and very sleepy!!!


Nellie - June 10

Hi ladies! Thank you so much for answering. I feel much better now. You can imagine that my mind was racing with all the thoughts about what could be wrong! We are so excited to be pg, I guess because it is so early I do not want to get too excited. When are all of your due dates? Mine is Feb 4


momma2be1988 - June 12

i have also had the cramps, i thought it was my period but it never showed up and that is very unsual for me, i was on birth control so it was kind of a shock when i took the test and it was positve. my b___bs r also sore and i am sleepy all day, for the past few days i have been nausious around bedtime, im due on feb 8th, have you guys told everyone ur pregnant yet or are u waiting??


Nicole121306 - June 12

I am almost 14 weeks (I'll actually be in my second tri in 2 days!!! Yay!!!) Throughout my whole pregnancy I have been having menstrual like cramps and it gets annoying. I hope this doesn't happen the whole time but I'm sure it will. I am due Dec. 13th and so very excited.



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