Slow Fetal Heart Rate Scared

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KG - February 27

9 days ago I went in for U/S. My Dr. just called my on Friday to say all looks normal, but slow heart rate 78 bpm (should be over 85). My morning sickness has stopped and I am having a hard time waiting for next U/S on Fri next week. My br___ts are still sore, but still worried.


d - March 17

I dont have an answer but I am about 5 months pregnant and I went to my Dr. for an U/S and the heart beat droped from 150 to 90. They say the normal heart beat is 120-160. Now they're worried that there is a fetal heart block and they said that after the baby is born it may need a pace maker.


melissa - March 17

how far along are you? if you are very early on and the heart just started beating this can be normal. i'm sorry to say that if you are further along, it doesn't look good. I am in the same situation, except my baby is also dating 11 days behind. My baby's heartrate is 89bpm. My Ob told me I have higher odds of miscarrying than of this being a viable pg. I hope you get good news at your next u/s. I know the waiting is so so hard. My next u/s is next Wed.


brooke - April 13

I am actually in the same position. I just went to my first apt. yesterday and I am six weeks, they did a U/S b/c my uterus is tilted backward and they couldn't tell how far along I was. They then said the heart rate is only about 60 when it should be about 100. They are running bloodwork based on my pregnancy hormones and something else and I'm supposed to find out more today. They are going to have me back for the same tests tomorrow and then maybe another U/S if the results come back better. Has anything positive ever come from this? I am not finding anything positive on the internet and am getting very discouraged and depressed.


Nikki - April 13

I'm so sorry that you girls are going through this! I had a miscarriage in Oct. I was 12 weeks, but the dr. said it could have happened any time between weeks 1 and 12. Anyway, I know what you all are going through. It is very rough and the waiting is horrible. I will keep you all in my prayers and just stay positive, I have heard of the same situations and when they go to the next dr visit all is well. GL and keep us posted.



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