Slow Heatbeat

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Jamie - January 19

I am 7 weeks pregnant and I am on progestrone supplements. Just had an ultrasound and the Doc said the heartbeat was very slow and the baby has not grown much. He suggested I wait another week for another ultrasound, but he said more than likely there will be no heartbeat. Has anyone ever experienced a normal heartbeat after a slow one. Just waiting until monday.


Becca - January 20

In April I was 6 wks pregnant when I began to bleed. Had an US Baby's heart rate was only 86bpm and baby measured small. A week later up to 113 but only a couple days older than the us a week earlier, a week later up to 120 and no change in growth, a few days later I mc. The day I mc I had an US and the baby had a heart beat and actually "wiggled". I was excited, but then started to cramp and it was over quickly. Very hard thing to go through. How slow is the heart beat? Are you having any bleeding/cramping?They told me at the first US that there was an 80% chance I would mc due to such a slow heart rate.Do not let them discourage you though, I think I was just so stressed out that it made it worse. Try to stay positive and keep me updated okay? God Bless. btw i am pregnant again now 8wks 6d and have had some minor spotting with this pregnancy since 27th of Dec. but I am staying positive and have not had an US yet. Hopefully positive thinking will be the difference this time! xx


jamie - January 20

They never told me how slow the heart rate was, but I saw it on the us. it was pretty slow. I have not cramped or bleed at all. I am 42 and have one little girl 21 mos. My little baby girl!!, I has two mc before her, but after having her I thought I would not have any problems. I guess I was wrong. My doctor said I only have a 10% chance of having the pregnancy continue. I am trying to stay positive. Good luck too you also. Hope everything worls out well for you.


stacey - January 20

I also am in my 7th week and was wondering the same thing. I had an u/s last week and the baby was a good size for 6 weeks, but the heartbeat was low (98). I would find out the heartbeat, it's usually a good indicator. Everything I have read says over 100 could be good, under might mean trouble. However, my dr. said today it could just be low b/c the heart just formed. I have another u/s thursday to check again.Please let me know what happens with yours!



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