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laurieb - January 15

I am questioning if there is any hope that my pregnancy may be viable. My LMP was 12/18. On 1/11 my HCG was 50 but today 1/15 it was only 74. I will be retested on 1/17. I have had occasional, scant, light brown spotting. Please let me know about any similar experiences good or bad. Thank you


ROBYN - January 15

Laurie, I went on a beta calculator site which is what I used going thru beta hell for 2 weeks. Your averaging 7.04 days at this point which in complete honesty doesnt sound good. Did your doctor tell you what they thought about this. Beta should double every 2-3 days in the beginning. We completed our 1st IVF cycle the end of November my beta was 77, then 72, then 173, 369, 879, 1700 these were done 2 days apart after the initial beta my RE told me it was basically over since the beta had dropped only 5 points I was devastated but 2 days later it more than doubled and now I am 9 weeks pg. But I am dealing with constant bleeding from a hematoma and am bed ridden early in my pregnancy. We go every week for u/s to see how I am doing the baby is fine though. In your case when will they give you your next beta it should be within the 2-4 days. All I can say is I wish you luck you never know you might have late implantation thats why its rising so slow. Also in reference to light brown spotting that is old blood which is "good" as long as its not bright red or clotting with cramps those are still good signs. Keep us posted I wish you the best of luck.


laurieb - January 16

Robyn, Thank you so much for your quick response. My Dr's nurse said that they were concerned by my slow rise in HCG but that a test in 2 days would give a better idea of what might be happening. Waiting is absolute hell, which is something that you know very well. I feel very alone so I am greatful to have found a spot where I can talk with others that can understand my anxiety and fear. I am sorry that you are bed ridden. On the bright side it is exciting that you are 9 weeks pg! I am 43 so I know that the odds are against me. When they called to say congratulations you are pg I was overjoyed but I am learning that getting pg is only a small part of the battle. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and I will let you know the results of my HCG test on Thursday. Take care.


ROBYN - January 16

Laurie, your welcome I so know about "beta hell" the 2ww was torture but once you get the news your pregnant like you said a whole other bunch of issues start. Yes, please keep me posted.


laurieb - January 17

Hi Robyn, My HCG today is 76. The Dr called and said that this is a "chemical pregnancy" and that I am due to m/c. I knew that this would probably be the case but I am still devastated. This was my second attempt at IUI and my insurance will pay for 2 more attempts. My insurance will not pay for IVF. I am afraid that my eggs are too old. A donor egg is $20,000 and I don't know if it is feasable to take on this kind of financial burden and then support a new baby. How are you doing? Keep me posted on your progress.


ROBYN - January 17

Laurie I am so very sorry. Its amazing how much we try to get pregnant once we succeed there are so many many more worries. I didnt know a donor egg cost that much what did they say about doing IVF? Are your eggs poor quality that you have been suggested to do a donor? I think its a personal decision we were give the option of IUI it was decided that IVF was our chance I have too much scar tissue around the ovaries that would have so much a waste of money I am glad in our case we tried the IVF. As for me I started bleeding again today not too much it was old blood I got upset with my son this morning before school and I started cramping and I realized that I cant get upset and just lied in bed all day. Tomorrow is another u/s around 430pm I will let you know what happens. I wish you the best no matter decision you make.


laurieb - January 24

Hi Robyn, We just returned from a trip in NY City on Monday. I m/c starting on Sunday. I have had horrible cramping but not a great deal of bleeding. I went in for a HCG test on Tuesday and I had what they refered to as "negative numbers" so I have pa__sed all the embryonic tissue. I have taken the last 2 days off of work so that I can recover from the emotional stress. Many of my coworkers are pregnant so it is very difficult to face them even thought they do not know about what I am going through. I will go through two more rounds of IUI with fertility meds and hope and pray that at least one of my eggs is still healthy. I had no idea that as you age that the quality of your eggs declines significantly. I will look into egg donors but as I said it is very expensive. I have thought about IVF but because I am 43 my egg quality will be low making the chance for IVF to work around 10%. IVF in MN costs about $12,000 which is a great deal of money for such poor odds. The chance for a donor egg to result in a pregnancy and birth is ~ 60%. How are you doing? What did your US show? I hope that you are doing well. Please keep me updated. You are in my thoughts and prayers.



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