Slow Rising HCG Levels

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Mike - March 9

Good morning, My wife and I are going through a tumultuous few weeks and are wondering if anyone on the board has any advice or experience with this: low-rising HCG levels with conflicting signs. Here are our facts: - LMP was 1/12, but cycle length unknown since my wife went off the pill just 2 months prior and had been on it for almost 10 years. - Conception dates likely 1/28 or 2/1 - HCG Level on 2/14 was 100 (little low but normal) - HCG Level on 2/25 was 1750 (again a little low but well within normal according to doc) - Ultrasound on 3/1 revealed a 5-week old sac with embryo but no heartbeat (normal according to doc) - HCG Level on 3/3 was 2900 (doubling too slowly) This last HCG level prompted our doctor, who had up until then advised us that things seemed normal and our dates were probably just wrong, to tell us a miscarriage was very probable since the rates didn't increase properly. We spent the last week-plus assuming a misscarriage was coming any time, and we totally lost hope. Basically, we were thinking that way for our own sanity. However, today 3/9, we went for an ultrasound and it revealed a normal 6-6.5 week embryo in a normal sac with a heartbeat at 116 bpm. The ultrasound doctors both agreed it was a normal baby for just over 6 weeks and advised us that the ultrasound was far more reliable at this point than HCG levels. What do we make of all of this? The HCG levels did not double, yet here we are with a baby that *might* be up to a week behind in development, or might be just fine, but regardless has definitely grown properly over the last 8 days. Any reason for optimism? Mike


maria - March 9

this chart may help- hcg levels don't double as fast after a certain level (that your wife has pa__sed).. * For HCG levels <1200 mIU/ml, the expected doubling time is 48-72 hours. * For HCG levels 1200 to 6000 mIU/ml, the expected doubling time is 72-96 hours. * For HCG levels >6000 mIU/ml, the expected doubling time is >96 hours.


Mike - March 9

This is true Maria, but her rates still hadn't doubled 5 days after her last blood test. Just wondering if anyone had experienced that and still had a healthy pregnancy. Also, given that we know have seen a healthy 6-week old baby, should we ignore or discount those levels? What should we make of them?


PP - March 9

Yes Mike I have and my levels not only failed to double on almost every occasion but they also fell 2 times. I too had weekly ultrasounds and actually significant bleeding and spotting for 3 weeks +. I kept a positive att_tude and hoped for the best. I am now 21-22 weeks and the baby is doing great. Kicking like a champ and I have my 3D sonogram Monday. I will also tell you that I had miscarried a twin in this pregnancy and my HCG levels were always low. Which I think caused me to have very little morning sickness. Good Luck and keep your chin up that worked for me. We tried for several years to get pregnant and lost many along the way. I will keep you in my thoughts.


Mike - March 9

Thanks PP. My wife actually has had no morning sickness yet, and her other symptoms are minimal also, so perhaps the HCG levels explain that. Thanks!


CANDIS - March 12

I am acually going through the samr ordeal as we speak. Except my dates are 5 days behind you. It is really nice to know I am not the only one in this horrible ordeal!!! No one I talked to knew anything. God Bless an Good Luck


Jenny - March 14

Hi - today I have been told that my HCG levels have dropped for the second time and I have to have a second ultrasound tommorrow. The first ultrasound was done on the 2/23 and we were told that our baby was 5 weeks (when it should have been 7) it had a heart beat and was in a very good position. I have suffered in the past from having really bad PMS due to low progesterone levels but was told that this had nothing to do with what we are going through - I was wondering if your wife maybe has had bad PMS as well???? All was well until today but we are very optimistic especially after reading PP's Reply to your letter Mike - My thoughts are with you.


Thank you PP - March 15

Wow PP, you have given me new hope! My levels are not rising how they should be but are well within range. We haven't got to see the heart beat yet or a baby for theat fact do to my dates being a little offf. We go for our 7 week check up wed and hope to see something. If I may ask you a questiona dn it is kind of graphic but you said you bled for 3+ weeks, was it dark, was there anything in it. It seems that there is something in mine, I am scared it is tissue. I am remaining hopeful and optimistic though and just hoping for the best. Thanks for the inspritation. Kristina


mfawthrop - March 15

I went through the same thing my levels were not doubling at 5 weeks and the younger Dr in the practice told me that I had a 66% chance of a m/c. When I saw an older Dr. in the practice he said that once your levels hit 2000 that they don't know when they stop doubling. He said that as long as the u/s were normal that he was not concerned with HCG levels. We have had 3 u/s and everything thus far has been fine. We go for our forth next week. So I would not worry about HCG levels as long as the u/s are normal. Goog luck and I hope that everything turns out okay.


Heather - March 16

Thank you all. Today I got my second levels back and they hadn't doubled as fast as my OB would have liked, so back for a 3rd u/s (i'm 9 wks today, saw my bean w/ heartbeat 5 days ago) Spotting to bleeding w/ cramping, it's all very scary. Thank you for giving me a glimmer of hope in this very trying time. *big hugs to all of you*


PP - March 16

To Thank you PP: Yes to get very graphic- 1 night it was very heavy with large pieces and most days and nights it was dark red or brown and had small particles in it. I will also tell you that since I had my level 2 ultrasound Monday I am pleased to say that my baby is still very well. Healthy and has all the right parts without extras. They were not able to determine s_x. They did say that they thought it could be a girl but the baby was in a very bad position. I think HCG levels are a new study and I think in cases of in vitro they maybe usefull but in my case all they did is make me scared. Think positive and keep me posted. I see the doctor for my 1 lb. bundle. I am also not showing at all and I have only gained about 3 lbs. I can feel it though and I will keep all of you in my thoughts. Mike how is your wife??


Mike - March 16

PP thanks for asking. Well the odyssey continues! She started spotting a little brown blood yesterday, so we went and got an ultrasound yesterday afternoon. The baby had grown normally for a week, even a little extra, and the bom were up to 144. It's not a 7-7.5 week baby. However, the technicians were still a little concerned because her gestational sac had not really grown since the previous week, and it is too small for the baby's size. We're now wondering whether that size could be related to her slow-rising HCG levels, and frankly we're not sure how to feel. On the one hand we've got a little bit of brown spotting and occasional bleeding now for two days and the gestational sac is too small, but the baby has grown normally now for several weeks and my wife has no cramping whatsoever. So we're about 50/50 right now...trying to prepare ourselves for bad news, but hopeful the spotting will pa__s and gestational sac is not a big issue. Does anyoe have any experience with small gestational this a very bad sign, or just pause for some concern? And what about brown blood spotting? Thanks!


Kristina - March 17

Hi PP, well we went to the doctor yesterday and things were not so good. He still could not see anything and the sac appeared to be loosing shape and maybe a little smaller. We are waiting for me to pa__s it naturally and if I get tried of waiting then have a d & c. I go get blood work done again today, for what reason I am not sure, but it isn;t lookin good. We should have seen something by this point. Thanks for your thoughts and good luck to you, and Mike I wish you and your wife best of luck too. Remember it is in God's hands and everything is for a reason. God Bless you all


Mike - March 17

Thanks Kristina. My thoughts are with you...this is certainly a lot tougher than I ever expected. As for me, my wife is still spotting brown blood a little bit, but no cramping and no clots. We go back for a u/s next week. Hopefully the spotting stops and hopefully the sac size grows appropriately. We're obviously very nervous, especially since the embryo has caught up completely. Such a see-saw.


PP - March 17

Kristina- I am sorry your news was not good. I hope that you will heal. I know how hard it is I tried for a long time and had several failed attempts. Please don't give up hope. Mike- I hope your wife is doing well and that both of you are still able to think positively. I went to the doctor today and I am still recieving good news. the baby is head down and my cervix is closed. I am having a girl, Lindsey Grace. It is nice to be able to talk to her and know who she is and what to call her.


Kristina - March 17

Oh PP, that is great and Grace is one of my favorite names. I know this is such a see-saw, now I am not bleeding or spotting at all, I just don't know what to think of all of this. I just wish it would go one way or the other. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.


Pat - March 19

Hi Mike and all the others. My situation is somewhat similar. LMP was 01/17.First beta count was 69 on 02/18, second was 1000 on 03/03 and the third was 1918 on 03/07. Because this is my second pregnancy, I knew all about beta and it's doubling. Grew very concerned because my levels were not where they should be. Plus, starting pa__sing some very small clots (dark brown in colour). Checked myself into emerg where I was told after a v____al u/s that I measured 5 weeks with a sac visible but no baby. Was told that baby had not developed pa__sed week 5 and I should be miscarrying soon b/c according to my LMP I should be in week 8. Was scheduled for another ultrasound exactly one week later. That morning I started bleeding heavily and figured I was pa__sing this undeveloped fetus. Well, the sac was holding on but had not grown at all. It still measured 5 weeks. However, a yolk sac had now developed. So, my beta's are way too low, i'm bleeding heavily with lots of cramping, but the sac is developing. The doctors tell me it's an abnormal pregnancy and I will miscarry but can't explain why the sac continues to develop. I have another u/s scheduled in one week. My husband and I had come to grips with miscarriage but now I'm confused. Is there a glimmer of hope or am I just kidding myself? Any advise???



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