Slow Rising HCG Levels

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NB - October 1

Hi James, what was your reading? I would try not too worry too much about your HCG just yet, I have been trying to do lots of research and there are so many mixed message about HSG levels, some say they are only a guide, wait for your next test and finally wait for your scan. Since I last posted I have had 2 more tests for my hsg levels, it dropped on one occa__sion by 3,000 to 25,900 then a couple of days ago it had gone back up but ony by a 1,000, the doctors are very confused as am I. I have had 2 scans to date (reason for this is my 2 previous misscarrages they are monitoring me closely), but as yet they have both been too early to detect a heart beat, I have another one booked for 10 days time so have to wait until then. I know its easier said than done but try and relax and try not to read too much into your reading, from what I can gather there is a concern when they are dropping dramatically, what other symtoms do you have, do you feel pregnant? good luck keep me posted on your results, xx


tammy - October 1

Hey every one I am so happy to find this sight. I have had the most rollercoaster ride of emotions this last week. I went for a u/s on 9/28 and blood work, the ultrasound showed an empty sac measuring 6.5 weeks when I should be about 8.5 weeks. I was then ordered to get another blood test on 9/30 and my hcg levels only went up from 4000- to 4500 in 2 days. The doctor told me that is was not a good sign and that I need to go back next week for more tests and see if they start lowering. I only had spotting for ine day-last night and it was dark brown and super light. I have no cramps or anything and still feel very pregnant. I really feel like our body's act in ways science and biology of man could not truelly understand. I feel in my heart that it can still be ok and maybe to early to detect. I wish all the best for you all and let me know the outcome as for me I am really worried about this.


james - October 2

thanks for all your input. On the tuesday, the results came back about 48, they said this is low but consistant with how far along i was. Than i did a test on the thursday and they didn't give me the exact number, they just said that the numbers didn't increase. SO i guess it was the same, they didn't decrease either. I only have a little bit of cramping, feel a bit bloated. I was feeling pregnant up until the results, now i am not sure what i am feeling. Will get another test done tomorrow Monday, and get the results Tuesday. I still have had no spotting so that's one good sign


Kelly - November 3

I'm so confused!!! I have PCO and got pregnant on my first round of clomid, two pills daily from days 3-7. I am 37 and have no children and have had 7 miscarriages in the past. *ugh* At w4d2 (hcg209 prog<190) .. then w4d4 (hcg 326 prog.264) ..then w5d4 (hcg 1909 prog.261) ... then w6d1 (hcg 890 prog.242) Because of this drop the doctor called me to stop taking progesterone supplements and expect a MC. :-( BUT.. they did an U/S at w6d4 just to see what was going on.. and oddly they saw a g sac, y sac, and were able to detect a heartbeat of 138bpm! What a shock - the doctor said that because of my extremely high progesterone level that he had been concerned previously that I might be carrying multiples... he did check and said there may have been something else there (he thought he might have seen something) that is no longer and prehaps that could be why the drop in hcg. More blood same day w6d4 (hcg1154 prog.109 - progesterone had fallen as I stopped taking the supplement - but even still, very high progesterone - hcg climing but slowly) w7d1 (hcg 1560 prog.116) w7d3 (hcg1722 prog.120.6)... still rising but only VERY slowly. They also did another U/S yesterday w7d3 and found a healthy g sac y sac, fetal pole (which was not visible the week before) and a strong heartbeat at 136bpm! although they maintain that the measurements are actually smaller than they should be but appear great? I have another US booked for next tuesday (w8d2) so only time will tell how things go from here. Does anyone have any information they can share about this type of thing? Our ultrasounds seem great, heartbeat, fetal pole... yet the levels are only rising slowly after the drop (and suspected multiple?) You can also email me directy at [email protected] I am so confused and concerned. 7w1d


Nicole - November 7

Hello Igirl, sorry to post so late. We lost the baby two days after my last post, it was a painful process, both physically and emotionally. I still miss my little boy, but I also know that he is in Heaven. My husband and I are leaving the fulfillment of our baby wish up to the Lord. Bless you, and all the other ladies on this forum.


Amanda - November 13

I am currently 9 1/2 weeks prego..i feel good but have had some bumps in the road..I have been diagnosed with a subchorionic hematoma (blood clot in uterus) with heavy red bleeding at first but now tapered down to brown spotting. Also, my hcg levels decreased over a 48 hour time frame. The good news is 3 ultrasounds have shown an intrauterine fetus, growing well with a strong heartbeat. The dr is not retesting my hcg because my u/s is good. Is the ultrasound the most/only important test? Should I stay focused on that and forget the rest of the probs? Next u/s scheduled for Wed...any prayers will be appreciated...


AK - November 30

Hello. I've never posted to any of these sites before, but am so relieved to find this one - I thought I would try to get some clarification to my own situation. I am 7 weeks pregnant (based om LMP on 10/11/05 and very early US) On 11/14 I got a +HPT, started spotting on 11/15 and had an US on 11/17. The US showed a gestational sac that appeared to be 4.6 weeks from LMP. On 11/20 I pa__ses some clots and bled a little heavier but had no pain. Had HCG tested 11/21 and it was 660, on 11/22 I experienced a small gush of dark blood with clots and possibly tissue - again no pain. On 11/23 my HCG level was at 1166, on 11/25 HCG at 1403 (spotting has completely stopped at this point) and my last HCG was today 11/30 (5 days from last one) and it is 2075. I am sceduled for an US on 12/6/05 but I am emotionally drained...does anyone have any in-sight?? Can this still be a successful pregnancy? Thank you for listening and best wishes to all of you in your own situations.


Amanda - December 5

ak- i definitely think you have a chance of a viable pregnancy. your hcg levels seem fine, some people just bleed during their pregnancy, for many reasons. i am glad to hear the bleeding is stopped, that is a good sign. keep a positive att_tude and good luck on your ultrasound this week


Danni - December 5

I am so relieved to have found this site. The last few days, I have been very close to giving up hope on my situation, but after reading these posts, I think I should remain positive, because you never know. I think I am 7 1/2 weeks along, but it's tough to tell because I just had a miscarriage (chemical pregnancy) on 10/16 and no regular period in between. My beta levels are concerning though. At 5 weeks, it was 38. The following week it jumped to 678, which was great. Went back 2 days later for follow-up, but it only rose to 771, the doctor was hoping for in the 1200's or so. Had more bloodwork today, will know the results tomorrow. Has anyone experienced these kind of low levels, or know if it's possible for it to jump considerably after such a low increase?? I haven't had an ultrasound yet, my doc said it's best to wait till the level is over 1500...? Any thoughts or advice is much appreciated. Best of luck and many prayers to all of you.


nottiano - December 22

i am currently 9 weeks and 3 days pregnant and spotting. which i spotted twice with my son. but i went to the doctor and they can not find a heart beat they wanted me to have a dnc a day later and i decided to wait to miscarry on my own because i've been hearing stories about people being told the same thing and then going back at 11 or 12 weeks and then finding a heart beat. i know thats probably not my case but is it wrong to want to be positive before getting a dnc?


lauren h - January 13

Hello, I have no idea how far along I am. But my HPT are really light. And when my HCG was tested on 1/9 it was 33, and then on 1/11 it was 37. I go back again today. Should I still hope for a good outcome, or is it not possible? I am so upset. I lost a baby in November and don't know if I can do it again.


mandaleeanne - January 13

last period was dec. 19th, done ovulating jan. 2nd. Positive pregnancy test jan. 9th. Had a m/c this past nov. and on wed. I had cramps so I went to the E.R. I told the doc. when my last period was (dec. 19th) and he kept saying i was 5 1/2 the heck is that possible? and he said my HCG levels were low. So he told me to come back in 2 days (which is today) and they would fax my results to my doc. so I could know if they doubled or not. My doc. has today's results...which is 297 hcg...but didn't get wed. night's results. Also in the ultrasound the guy that did it said he couldn't see anything b/c it was so early...yet he showed me my GESTATIONAL SAC. I read online that you don't even get a GESTATIONAL SAC UNTIL 1,000 hcg. I'm so confused PLEASE HELP!! I don't want another miscarriage. THANKS!!


mandaleeanne - January 13

LAUREN H. I don't know...I would still have hope b/c if you get like me and get down about it (stressed) it can cause you to have a m/c even if you weren't going to. I'm not a doctor but I know your levels are supposed to double every 48 hours. When you went back they should have been 63 instead of 37. At least that's what I'm under the impression of from researching online. GOOD LUCK!!


shdwdrgn98 - January 27

Hello Everyone, I am going through something similar to what I have read here. On 1/15 I found out that I was pregnant. My LMP was 1/3. I went to the hospital on the 16th because I was bleeding, they said that it wasn't possible for a HPT to detect this early so they were gonna use the period before that 12/6/05 putting me around 5 weeks. My levels came back at 48 and they told me that I would most likely m/c but to come back in two days for another blood test. That one came back 45. Only dropped 3 points but they told me it was a loss and to seek counseling if I needed to. They siad to follow up with my ob in a week due to possible tubal. So for a week my Husband and I cried and started to make peace with the fact this wasn't gonna take. On the 24th I went for my follow up and they did a u/s and couldn't see anything in the tubes..she did day that they saw something in my uterus but couldn't confirm or deny the pregnancy, so they ruled it probable tubal and ordered another blood test and possible surgery. I had to go back to the main Hosp to make sure the tests were done in the same lab for accuracy. They did another u/s and those dr's said the same thing niether confirm or deny, let's see what the blood says. Well my numbers went from 45 to 182 in 6 days. Not a giant leap but they are startign to go off of my LMP which would have put me at 3 wks. I went back on the 28th and my numbers went to 208. I know not a significant increase but still they are going up and not down so there is some hope that this is a viable pregnancy right? See I have two girls ages 6 and 5 and I really want this pregnancy. I am trying to think positive but it is hard when I have been told there is a possible chance it won't make it. Oh yeah I was bleeding mildly for about 12 days then it eased off and now it is just when I wipe and it is brownish. Not so much cramping unless I am really active during the day. I have another blood test tomorrow and I feel in my heart that it will have gone up. Wish me luck and everyone is in my prayers, believe me I know just what your going through.


shdwdrgn98 - January 28

Update, I had my beta today and it is 263 up from 208 on 1/26. They are skeptical but said that they want another one on monday 1/30 and if the numbers go up again they will do a u/s, if they see a gest. sac they will leave my arms alone and set me up for regular appointments but still keep an eye on my levels. I am really happy that the numbers are increasing but also nervous that it might be ectopic. I don't have any pain and the bleeding is barely there. Wish me luck. Good luck to everyone else too.


shdwdrgn98 - February 2

Well my situation doesn't end well. I went back on the 30th for more blood tests and my numbers were only 280. But it didn't matter anyway, about 20 min after i got home I started cramping and bleeding really bad. I went back to the ER and after being examined again my dr's ordered emergency surgery to remove the pregnancy form my tubes. It was awful. It has been 3 days and I am up and around but still can't believe this happened to me. Anyway best of luck to all those out there.



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