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sue - September 21

i quit cold turkey when i found out that i was pregnant it has been18 days now and i feel great i found that i had to change some of my habits for instance if you always smoke while you do your bills do them in a different area i found that this really helped i also ate sugar free jolly rancher candy when ever i got a craving it gave my mouth something to do you can do it only if you put your baby first i always wanted to quit but never had a true reason


danielle - September 21

i am 8 weeks and the more i think about not smoking the more i want to smoke i read that it takes 3 days with out so much as apuff to get the nicotine out of your brain it doesnt matter how little or how much you smoke you are still addicted to ciggarettes


Honestly - September 24

I have had 3 children 1 was 7#12oz's one was 8# 7oz's and the last 8# 3oz's with all three of these I smoked never a lot, maybe five or six a day, In July I found out that we were having another one, with the stress of going to school having 3 kids under the age of 4 and my husband bringing in crops I felt that the last thing my baby needed was smoke so I stopped cold, and at 8 weeks I had a miscarriage I wish I would of found this sight before then


toni - September 25

so you think the stress of not smoking caused you to miscarry? Gotta love the tobacco industy!


Tracy - September 26

Good God, Talk about rude People on here,They Just asking for help. You dont have to be rude to people, All they want is some advise


Jen - September 28

Toni, my doc also told me that quitting cold turkey in the first trimester especially, can cause miscarriage. The stress of quitting is very great. In a perfect world, we would all quit before becomming pregnant but surprizes happen. In that case, my doc also said that in the second trimester the patch or nicotine gum is ok. That's what I plan on doing. Cut back now, then start the gum. Two docs said the same thing not the tobacco industry, moron. To Honestly: I'm sorry to hear about your miscarriage and that Toni is an insensitive idiot.


Jen - September 28

Please don't just take my advise either. Talk to your doctor. Happy pregnancy to all!


monique - September 30

please stop smoking that is unhealthy, try to eat when you are hungry. i am feeling pregnant, but neg urine and blood test, but on the US i saw a sac with a little something in the inside, so evidebntally my levels are low, when i did smoke i would loose my breath. so hopefully my levels are high when i go back. I have every symptom in the book.


Tina - October 3

The best thing you should try to do is...when you think about smoking try to do something else that takes up that time, excercise(nothing strenuous). Take deep breathes, pretending you were smoking a cigarette. I know how you feel, I stopped smoking 5weeks into my pregnancy and it is very hard, even when you know its not a good thing to do. Ppl say that when they get pregnant they're definitely gonna stop..WELL if you've been smoking for a number of years, you can't just quit cold turkey, and anyone who doesn't smoke will NEVER know how that feels. But "SJS" Just try doing other things, but its best you really put ya mind to it and stop now!


queen - October 4



Anastasia - December 30

Think of it this way...when your chid is old enough to make choices on it's own, you will probably try to interfere to protect him or her. You probably will want to be in control of making the best choices for your child. So now why you have total control protect your child in every way you can ie. quit smoking. It may not seem that easy, but in reality it is. Mothers will natually do anything for their child without a second thought when trying to protect them. You just have to have the will and drive to quit, and you will. We are in total control of whatever we may do. God gave us that power!!


lori - December 30

I am 11 weeks pregnant and found out at about 8 weeks. At that time I was smoking two packs a day. I have not been able to quite totally yet, but i am down to about a pack every three days. With my first son i didn't know i was pregnant until i was about 5 months and quite the day i found out and i had a healthy 7 pound 23 inch baby. I like many smokers find that this time there is triple the stress. I have a very stressful management position that i have just put my two week notice in and my husband and i are moving so that he can begin a new job where i can stay home with both kids. I too am torn because with my first it was so easy to quite and this time it is extremly difficult as well as i know how selfish I am being and what harms can be done to our baby. It helps to have family that support you and know what you are going through. There are days i don't smoke at all and days that i smoke 1 to 3 and days i smoke 5 or 6. Be proud of yourself for cutting back it gets easier everyday. Smoking is an addiction and some one who has never smoked before does not understand. Good luck to everyone who is suffering this addiction and need to quite. They need support not to be judged and critisized. I know that i am still smoking and make it a point to always remember to take my prenantes as well as eating very nutritous foods. THERE IS NO EXCUSE! It is all will power, unfortunately for some of us it is harder than for others.


kate - December 30

I am also a smoker...I cut down from pack a day to half a pack.I then started buying small packs..smoke half that...and now the goal is to half that.The nurse said [email protected] would be fine.I find the less I smoke the more it makes me sick! An idea to help quit might be to set an egg timer for every hour or 2 hours..just an idea.I have 2 grown children, I cut down and quit first child...8lbs, 13oz...second child I just cut down...8lbs 2oz.I do plan to get to [email protected] 8 now.Isn't it so true...mother's guilt starts at conception!!


Jaq - December 30

Everyone is different so I think people should do what they think is right.. all these opinions maybe kept to yourselves..


jennifer - February 6

not everyone is the same.i didnt smoke with my daughter and she weighed 6lbs 8oz.i was 17 when i had her.At 20 i found out i was pregnant again i was drinkin and smoking.I didnt stop drinking til i was 6 months pregnant and i never did stop smoking.I smoked over a pack a day.My son weighed 6 lbs. 14oz.Both my kids were over there due date.It is different for everybody.I also think if u have never smoked then u really shouldnt even put your opinion in here seein as how u know nothin about it. good luck with all your pregnancys.


lyn - February 6

I quit the dayb I found out because smoking can cause asthma in newborns. Plus would you let your baby smoke, or b__w smoke in it's face while you are holding it...I don't think so. So that was my reasoning for stopping.



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