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lyn - February 6

I quit the dayb I found out because smoking can cause asthma in newborns. Plus would you let your baby smoke, or b__w smoke in it's face while you are holding it...I don't think so. So that was my reasoning for stopping.


SA - February 6

Ask your doctor if there is a method that is safe....but my advice is to just stop cold turkey...chew gum or something. Good luck.


J - February 7

You need to quit asap! I know several people who smoked throughout their pregnancies and their children have cronic ear infections. My mother in law smoked with my sister in law the entire time and my sister in law is deaf in one ear. Also I know several children with breathing problems due to smoking during pregnancy. It also increases your risk of SIDS.


joanne - February 12

Im 3 months I went from a pack to about 1-3 cigs a day. Im trying to stop that 1 a day but its a little hard for me with a wild 4 year old running around. To be honest it was hard the first week but it gets easier. I tell my self if something happends to the baby my daughter and everyone else would be so dissapointed in me. Just that makes me feal horrible. might work that makes me not want even that one. Good luck you can do it we all can.


donna - February 21

i never smoke before and when i was pregnant so if you are pregnant please dont smoke because you're going to effect your baby and it will come all bad and you effecting your self too.


preggie - February 23

I am 10 weeks preg.....I always told myself the day I became preg.I would stop smoking , it discussed me to see preg.women smoking.. Well here I am still smoking (about 2 a day)..I know its bad and yet I still do it. I think to myself if my baby comes out with something wrong with it,It will be my fault beacause I was to selfish to stop smoking...


Wendy - February 23

I am the same, promised yep soon as i find out i am pregnant will STOP... but here i am 7 wks and still smoking. Have certainly cut down though to 3 -4 a day.. discussed it with my DR she said of course it would be great to give up however giving up can cause more damage due to stress... Hopefully the smell and taste will turn me off soon...


paul wall - February 26

your an idiot in the first place for smokin, just be a man tough it out


Angie Brown - February 27

well you made it past the high risk of miscarriage so now I think the concerns are that smoking can lead to premature birth and low birth weight. Friends of mine who smoked only cut down when they were pregnant because smoking would have been too hard on their bodies. Can you cut it down to half a pack a day? Talk to a doctor about going on a nicotine patch. that worked wonders for my dad who didn't even want to quit smoking.


V. H. - March 1

I think that if you are too selfish to quit once you know you are pregnant , then someone should slap you in the head. Wake up people, smoking can severely damage the health of the baby. Is it to much to ask of you to quit a bad habit? Common, we all know it's difficult, but don't you care that the decisions you make now, affects your innocent baby's entire existence? Wake up and get some will power. Sorry if I sound harsh, but I have no sympathy for ignorance.


Amy - March 3

If you love it you will quit by yourself


Elaine - March 4

A lot of emotion on this question. I continued to smoke with all three of my children they were all over 8 pounds at birth. Very strong and healthy. I had my children during an era where smoking was not considered bad for your health so i really recieved no cautions from my docter at that time. Most information they have about smoking is uncertain, but it is well doc_mented that certain over the counter medicines, herbal suplements, and acohol do cause birth defects. Good Luck


fi - March 9

I cann't believe how rude and ignorant some people are!!! The question from sjs was seeking advise and help...... not mouthfuls of abuse. If you have never smoked you will never know what it is like to try give up............. so keep your smart and rude opinions to yourself!!!!!


jackie rawlings - March 17

chew gum that is how i stop smoking while pregnant


marcia - March 17

true, even though the book "what to expect" states that smoke is in the uterus, it is not meant in a literal sense. There is no way literal smoke can enter anything else except your lungs. Your lungs however transmit whatever is being inhaled into your blood, to the heart an/d then throughout your body. The chemicals/toxins of smoke circulate. The liver and kidneys attempt to cleanse your blood but the more you smoke the more you keep in circulation. If you can't quit completely,really give it a try by cutting back.


marcia - March 17

Yeah, this post TRULY has no room for input from the non-smoker. Of course...the non-smoker will boast their self-righteousness. EX-smokers are different though. They know what it feels like, and they ARE inspirations for smokers, but you non-smokers that haven't been there, well, you really do need to focus your thoughts/advice on other subjects.



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