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marcia - March 17

Yeah, this post TRULY has no room for input from the non-smoker. Of course...the non-smoker will boast their self-righteousness. EX-smokers are different though. They know what it feels like, and they ARE inspirations for smokers, but you non-smokers that haven't been there, well, you really do need to focus your thoughts/advice on other subjects.


jessica - March 17

sjs- i know you asked your question for support and adfvice, and i am sorry to see you didn't get alot of that here-obviously you know its bad that s why you asked for help...i commend you for being brave and doing that......try drinking water when you crave, and break the psychological habit as well as the physical- try to keep your hands occupied and change your routine around so whn you would usually have a cig you are busy doing something else- when i quit i would let myself have one at the end of the day, then one every few days, then one a week etc...good luck to ya!


Hopeless - May 26

I smoke 1 pack per day and I am currently trying to conceive via IVF using donor eggs. I have tried everything (Zyban, cold turkey, etc)to stop smoking and nothing seems to work for me. Cutting down seems to be the things that works the best for me. I think it's all about replacing the habit with another one; knitting was a suggestion from a another individual. Best of Luck to you!


Deanna - August 16

I smoked a pack or more a day and I was able to quit the day I found out I was pregnant. When there is a baby on the way, the excitement keeps smoking off of your mind.


Abby - August 17

I may have missed someone else saying this because it is such a long thread, but smoke whether it be during pregnancy or second hand, puts a baby at an increased risk for SIDS. No one knows for sure what causes SIDS but this is on the list for increasing chances. (


Abby - August 17

I also want to say that I applaud you all who are trying to do the best for your child regardless of the physical and mental struggle it causes you.


Jodi - August 18

In the weekly newspaper in my town, this guy had smoked for 30+ years. He tried everything and couldn't do it. Then he did this procedure where they burn the nerve endings in the ear(he said there was very little pain) which somehow has something to do with the addiction and said that he would never smoke another cig. again. He just did this about a week ago. I also smoke and It is the hardest thing to do, but after some of the things I read on here, I'm just going to make myself do it. I'm off work for the next two days, so i'll start there as it is much harder when i'm at work and dealing with stupid people all day long(stupid as in people in general, not acutally mentally challenged) if that makes sense, I hope it does, wish me luck and thanks for all of that good info!!


hel1204 - August 18

wow u lot r amazing!! im 4 months preg and smokin bout 15 a day|!!! i just cant do it! i know theres no such word as cant but i honestly have tried everything, im so stressed at the mo too with been in debt and having nowhere to live when the baby comes and no cot or push chair it makes it 10 times harder to stop!


Amber - August 23

I am 3 months and 3 weeks (15 weeks) and I still smoke. I average about 5-10 a day at the most. My doctor told me the same about quitting cold turkey. Dont do it! I tried and for 2 days straight I did nothing but throw up, lay in bed, and I had the most trememndous headache you could imagine. When I found out I was pregnant I was smoking about a pack and a half a day. My doctor says the best way to do it is either slowly work your way down ( say 10 a day for 4 days, then 9 a day for 4 days, the 8 a day for 4 days, etc,.. until its none a day) You're body adjusts to it better. If you can't quit completely smoke AT THE MOST 5 a day. I'm getting there but it does take a while. Don't stress yourself if you can't quit. Just remember it's not about you. It's about the baby. My husband is a smoker and we have decided to quit together. Of course he is allowed more than me, but it still helps to have a support partner that you can relate to that is going through the same thing. You won't feel so alone. He goes to work and leaves me 3 cigarettes. When he gets home about 7:30 p.m. I am allowed 2 more. 1 after dinner, and 1 before bed. It works for me. I dont crave more. Sometimes I do smoke more but it's okay. Because I know that I'm doing the best I can to quit.


Kat - November 7

i smoked during my first pregnancy and my son was born healthy. of coarse if you can quit...great. women in the 50's, 60's, 70's...smoked all the time...even drank while pregant. we all turned out ok.


Trisha - November 21

You might want to eat candy every craving for nicitone and change the candy types


mell - December 19

i smoked heavily in my first pregnancy not knowing the risks she suffered growth retardation and was born premature but 9 years later she is a healthy intelligent girl i guess i was lucky she didnt suffer long term effects through my smoking


Erin - December 27

I am 10 wks, and smoked about 1/2 pack a day, and over a pack on days that I went out ...for about 10 years, and quit cold turkey when I found out. Well cold turkey, with sneaking the occasional cigarette less than once a week. I too know many women who smoke throughout their entire pregnancy and the baby was fine, and also how hard quitting is....but with all of the problems that could happen, why risk something that you can try control.


ChaycesMom - December 30

I am a smoker and am 6 weeks pg with my 2nd child. Everyone knows that smoking is bad. We get the point..... I did cut back from a pack a day to half a pack with my son and am trying to do the same thing with this one. I may have been lucky with my first pg. He is 2 yr old, he did not have any growth problems, no mental problems and does not have any health problems. He was one week early, exactly 10 months to the day from my last AF, and he weighed 6'11" and was 19 1/2 " long. So what I am getting at is that not every person who smokes will have a baby born with problems, and for those of you who say they will, you are wrong.


me - December 30

For those of you bragging about smoking and having healthy babies, you are sick! You still have no idea if what you did effect your child. Maybe your child will have severe asthma when they are older. Everyone knows that smoking kills thousands and thousands of people every year. Yet you have no problem exposing your unborn child to this. It is as ignorant as drinking and doing drugs while pregnant. Maybe the result wont be as bad, but you are stilll knowingly risking the health of your child. I guess you love your ciggarettes more than that precious life growing inside you. How on earth are you able to be a good parent if you can't even make this sacrifice for your child?


me - December 30

I do want to add that I do respect those women who are slowing down and eventually quitting. You clearly have your babys concern at heart. My last comment is to those who smoked throughout there pregnancy and act like it is no big deal, because there baby was a normal size. They are encouraging other to participate in behavior that could severly harm their unborn children in order to validate their own selfish, risky behavior.



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