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Tama - June 14

Hi all! I just wondered, i'm a smoker and stopped smoking prior of getting pg. At my work everybody smokes and at home my dh smokes. I'm thinking this - second-hand smoke is more dangerous than actually smoking yourself. I'm currently 4wks pg and smoke about 10 sigs a day. I know i must cut down and / or stop completely ... any advise? ....(@).... bump


Cocozen - June 14

I still smoke and I'm 11 weeks. I know it's bad for you and your baby but it's hard to stop...especially since I have been smoking since I was 10. I cut back a lot I only smoke 4 a day and I'm hoping I have enough will power to stop completely. I know second hand smoke is supposed to be really bad for the baby. I smoked a pack and a half even after I knew I was. The reason I cut back isn't because I don't want to smoke, it's because my hormones are making cigarettes make me feel sick. So I think that soon enough you will cut back because you just won't want them anymore. It's all up to you though. If you want to quit then it's mind over matter and you will make yourself. And if you don't then well you won't but I'm positive that you will cut back without even knowing it.


misslarue - June 14

Hi :0) I am 8 weeks pregnant with my first child and I'm already impatiently counting the days until January 26th! I am 28 and have smoked since I was 12. Disgusting I know. I am a heavy smoker (20-30 a day) and to be honest I actually love smoking and if I wasn't pregnant I don't know if I could ever quit. As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I had one last cigarette and then stopped cold turkey. That was only just over 2 weeks ago, but I know I will NEVER smoke while I am carrying my child, as hard as it is, and yes, it has been very hard. My doctor told me that pa__sive smoking is just as bad, so Tama, do what I did and ban smoking from the house. My partner is now confined to the garden! (which has actually helped him to cut down too). Advice?..........what works for me: you have to get it into your head that you CANNOT smoke, under any circ_mstances. My baby has no choice and as its mother my job is to protect him/her. Whenever I feel like a cigarette I just picture my baby in my womb surrounded by cigarette smoke and this stops me from lighting up. I also tell myself that I'm a selfish moo and if I can't stop smoking for 9 little months, what kind of mother am I going to be? That usually does the trick as I'm then plague by guilt! I'm not a fan of the tough love!! Good luck girls, keep trying and don't give up giving up!


Cocozen - June 14

I'm not really sure what's keeping me from quitting's either the fact of me not thinking that even 4 cigarettes a day is bad for the baby...or knowing that i was born while my mother was doing cocaine and I am a normal person. Lol..I know it's not that funny but when I think about it I tell myself how much worse or what worse things I could be doing to harm my unborn child and thinking on that I tell myself 4 is not bad at all.


misslarue - June 14

Babe, I read that even cutting down really helps the baby, so don't be too hard on yourself, at least you're trying :0) My friend was in a pub last night (I'm from England by the way) and she saw a heavily pregnant woman drinking and chain smoking. Disgusting. Keep trying though m8, I know its really hard, believe me I am SOOOO missing cigarettes, so much so that I know I will start again once I finish b___st feeding. In fact the thought of a good night out with the girls and a large Guinness and cigarette is one of the things that is keeping me going!!


Cocozen - June 14

=D thanks least someone has faith in us hehe


savanna - June 14

hi i am 11wks and i quit smoking a little over 3wks ago i was a very heavy smoker and couldnt quit cold turkey it made me sick so i cut back to six a day then four then two then went to my first appointment and saw the heartbeat and said thats it im done and havent smoked since it was really really hard at first but i just ate like crazy i figured its better to gain wait then smoke good luck to you i hope u succeed


alexandra33 - June 15

I am proud of all you guys for trying to quit. It is so hard and I know you can do it. Just a word of encouragement from a fellow preggo who quit too. It is best to quit altogether, but cutting down to a few a day is a very good start.


frankschick2001 - June 15

Tama, I am not sure if I understand. You say you quit and then say you smoke 10 cigs a day. Do you mean 10 cigs a day from secondhand smoke? Have you asked those around you (politely) to stop smoking? Or smoke someplace else? My BF goes outside or at least far away from me to have a cigarette. I work in a non smoking office building as well. I am a former smoker, so I know and understand how hard it can be to quit. But I honestly don't miss it, and that is one good thing about morning sickness, it kind of quells the desire to smoke at all. As far as it being dangerous, the answer is yes, of course it is. Does that mean you rbaby will be born sick? No one here can tell you that. But smoking increases your RISK of having a sick baby. Some babies are born fine but later in life have some health issues that may be linked to the mothers smoking. I used to enjoy smoking very much but now I don;t EVER want to be a smoker again. And yes, quitting is hard, but so are a lot of things in life. If quitting is too hard for you, even when your baby's health is involved, I honestly don;t know how ready you are for motherhood. But if you actually did quit, great, now just try to stay away from other smokers as much as possible.


ibk8t - June 16

I don't know what I can say to convince you not to smoke....except it is EXTREMELY NASTY and BAD for your baby....and you....on so many shouldn't even be around second hand smoke right now...that c___p is POISON. I am an ex-smoker so I know what it's like to quit....but it's worth it...the cravings will pa__s and you WILL feel better. Just curl up in the fetal position with lots of snacks and water nearby and will be feeling much better in a day or two....and a little better every day after that...your baby is counting on you to, don't let him/her down. Here is an interesting link for you to read.....they are finding now that not only does the smoke pose a risk to your baby's physical can cause mild retardation......Please Please.....don't me if you need support.


ibk8t - June 16

More links:


KMo311 - June 17

i quit everytime i get pregnant. My first child was easy the second was alittle harder. This one was killer. i was down to 4 a day. then i started to get sick and that was the end. the thought of having a cig. made me ill along with many other things. trust me every women up here that quit knows how hard it is to quit. But we did it because we don't have the choice. If someone wanted to have a cig in your babies face after it was born you would think they were crazy, right. I have a friend who has an ob who tells her its ok to smoke as long as she cuts down to lights. She smokes her whole pregnancy. If you smoke around her baby now she throws a fit (not that i would) we laugh at her and say her baby quit smoking when she was born so don't tempt her by smoking near her.



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