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LillyB - June 26

I am nine weeks pregnant. I have always been a smoker and since I found out that I was pregnant, I have cut down a h__l of a lot. I really want to stop completely but its so difficult. I keep thinking of my baby and how much I want to stop for this precious life thats growing inside me. I want to know how dangerous smoking is and if anyone can give me advice on how to stop completely. Its really bothering me that I dont have the willpower to quit especially when I love my baby as much as I do. Someone help!


knpandrews - June 26

LillyB... Hello. First know that you are not alone. I was a smoker previous to finding out I was pregnant. But being that I had tried for so long and m/c was something I have had I didnt think twice about throwing out the pack I had and never looking back. However, I have friends that dont have the will power I had. By no means is that a bad thing... Its a good thing that atleast you have cut back. That is step one. Step two if finding a way to curve your craving. For example... if you smoke mainly when you are on the phone then make sure you have lollypops or something by the telephone waiting for you. Make sure you dont surrond yourself with people who are smoking. My husband was a smoker as well. Once I quit it became easy for him to quit because I wouldnt kiss him or even let him lay down next to me because even the smell bothered me. I had cravings for about 3 days for them but after the first initial few days it was smooth sailing. Just try to eliminate what makes your cravings start. Start by getting rid of them. Break them in half and flush them. Then maybe call your doctor and explain how you want ot quit fully. They have programs for pregnant women who want to quit smoking. I know that you will be able to quit just like me but sometimes it takes more then just willpower... a docs opinion might be very benificial. Good luck.


Kerri Knox - June 26

Hi LillyB, I had a girlfriend who was a heavy smoker before she got pregnant. When she found out she was pregnant the Dr. actually told her not to quit as the stress on her body would be too hard on the baby. he advised her to cut down as much as possible and start smoking the lightest cigarettes she could find. However he did stress that her child would still suffer some consequences from the smoking. Sure enough he has asthma, although not a severe case. That was enough to make her quit for good and find another Dr. Although who knows - she was angry that this Dr. 'kind of' gave her the go ahead. But at the same time he did warn her, and potentially by reducing the stress on her body he prevented a miscarraige??? Hard to say what would have happened. The other thing I wanted to mention - buy yourself the book 'the easy way to quit smoking' by Alan Carr. My husband was a full on smoker for 14 years and read that book. After he quit cold turkey with only about 2 weeks of discomfort. He has been off the cigarettes for 3 months now and can sit right beside a smoker at the pub and it doesn't bug him one bit. It really did wonders. Good luck :-)


sqeekers - June 26

I am a smoker too, and trying to quit. I am cla__sified high risk and my docs said not to quit cold. I have been told this by several different docs. Stopping cold can cause you and the baby alot of stress, raise your blood pressure, and cause you to gain extra weight that isn't healthy for you or the baby. Find something to subst_tute for the cigarettes, and sub every other one to start out with. Also, I have been smoking only enough of the cigarette to curb the craving then putting it out. I have gone from smoking a pack a day down to half of 5 or 6 cigarettes a day in a little over week doing this. I have found that tootsie rolls work great to curb the cravings. They are chewy and last a little while and they don't have a lot of calories.


savanna - June 26

hi lilly i was a smoker too before i got pregnant i smoked a pack to a pack and a half a day for 10yrs. so i know how hard it is to quit. how i quit was by cutting down first i went to 6 aday for a while then 4 a day for a while and so on but i find if you cut down to quickly your less likely to quit. hope this helps good luck.


marielune - June 27

Smoking during pregnancy can put your baby at risk for low-birth weight and for you to go in premature labor. Probably two things you don't want to happen, i guess.


Nikki822 - June 29

hi guys... i am in the same boat, I have also cut down to the point where i will just have a drag here and there but it stills bothers me and believe it or not... those drags here and there are much needed the pregnancy hormones are wrecking me!



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