So Hungry So Soon

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nikki - March 22

I am around 5 weeks pregnant, and for the last two weeks, even bofore finding out i am pregnant, i have been STARVING. This is my second, and i don't remember the hunger setting in until closer to the second trimester. No morning sickness yet, but my br___ts are sore, and i'm having slight cramping. I just don't want to gain so much weight, i did good last time, but i didn't want to eat everything in sight last time!


Nikki - March 22

Is this normal?? i haven't gained any weight at all. my belly is a bit pouchy, but nothing major.


marcia - March 22

Yes, it's normal. You'll be feeling all kinds of hunger pains, and maybe aversions. Get ready for cravings too!! I was SO hungry in the very beginning, around 5/6 weeks too. All changed though when the nausea set in. Had more aversions than cravings, and I was in general less hungry. Anyway, it's very normal. Hangi in there!


Ginger - March 23

Ya, i am feeling the same as nikki and i just don't know what to do. it affects my works cause i have to look for look every hour or so. it's also embarra__sing when colleagues see it but i can't tell. Is there any way to ease?


Heidi - March 23

I had hunger cravings that early too. I think the docs are wrong! Everyone is different. I was dieting and going to the gym when I found out I was pg so I really started eating after I found out. Now if I get hungry, I feel sick if I don't eat like RIGHT NOW! Or if I feel nauseated, eating usually helps. I'm at 10 wks now. I'm getting fat!


nikki - March 23

I am sure i haven't gained any weight yet, but i'm eating every two to three hours (and not snacks!). it's not so bad today though, i've had some wicked bad heartburn all day and eating makes it worse. Can i take anything for heartburn? the only other time i've had it was with my first child, but it was more in the last trimester and i could relieve it by changing my position or eating.


Sarah - April 30

I found out that I am about 9 weeks along. I have noticed the last 2 weeks that I am ALWAYS hungry. I have really bad hunger pains if I don't eat. I feel like I literally am putting food in my mouth every 2 min!! The hunger pains hurt so bad. It feels like if I don't eat right that sec, I'm gonna puke or pa__s out. Is that normal?? How long does it last? I can't take it much longer.


Stephanie - May 1

I am 4 weeks Sunday and that is what made me suspect I was pregnant. I am still hungry every few hours.


Kali - August 3

I am 6wks pg and hungry every hour, no matter how many time I eat I am still hungry


kiaya - September 8

LOL, you sounded so much like me that I actually had to double check the name to make sure it wasnt my own posting! I am also 5 weeks preggers adn STARVING!!! same thing with not gaining with my last one too. I dont know what to do.... I feel like I could eat the world! I dont think you should see a weight gain! Oh god I hope not this early , i dont want to get fetter LOL!



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