So Sick Please Help

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Mommie2Bee102008 - March 3

I was just told that I have a a upper respertory infection and I the ER Doc put me on antibotics and said to ask the phamacist about and Over the Counter nasal decongestant. The phamacist was very rude and wasn't any help at all. Does anyone know of anything that would be safe for me to take in early preganancy I've got to do something I haven't slept in 3 days


danielle06 - March 3

I was just in your postion and still am. I was told I was only allowed to take 1 sudafed tablet and tylenol. You can have cough drops and I found these round tablets that you can put in the bottom of your tub while taking a shower. The makers of sudafed sell them. Its safe during pregnancy. Theres no medication in them but as the hot water hits it it melts and the vapors really help you breathe. Hope some of it helps. Take care feel better soon.


sarah35 - March 3

Your docs office should have a list available for you-- the dos and donts. sorry for your illness!!! that must realy be miserable.


softbreeze200 - March 3

As for a decongestant try Saline nose spray. It is all natural ingredients and is 100% safe during pregnancy. I used it all the way throght the firts tria nd it really helped. You can buy it at any drugstore or walmart and it is cheap. Even your dr office should be able to give you some sample sizes to try out. Good luck and it will get better! Congrtas on your pregnancy!!


Patience2008 - March 3

Go with the saline nose spray, in my last pregnancy I was told not to use over the counter nose spray because it dries up more than just the mucus in your nose which is not good for what your body is trying to do with the baby right now. I could be totally wrong though, call you doctor back.


Mommie2Bee102008 - March 3

Thanks so much ladies for all the replies.Danielle could you please give my the the name of the shower tablets the less medicine that I have to take the better ya know. Anyways I have great news my OB office just gave me a whole list of wonderful medications that I can take finally some relief at last. LOL I never thought that I would be so greatful for an over the counter medication.



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