Some Questions About My Pregnancy Any Help Plz

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billiebaby - May 17

Okay the first question I wanted to ask about was I keep getting this pressure in the back of my head, on the top of my head but the back of it.. is this caused by pregnancy? it feels really weird and lasts for a few seconds then goes away.. it feels like something is pushing down on it. weird or normal? another thing is I been noticing that I don't get any discharge that I can see {unless it's clear and i can't see it?} until around the time my period would be here, I get this yellowish color discharge. what would that be from?? and I notice the only time I really get cramps is around the time my period wouldv'e been there. anyone get this?? and one more thing.. I heard that some women's hormone levels won't even go up until they are in their fifth or so month of being pregnant? I would just like to know if that's true? I heard it somewhere! okay well plz respond to me and thanks to all who do!!


dueJan1607 - May 17

Hi billiebaby, It's funny but Iv'e had the same weird pressure feeling in my head and know that you mentioned it, it started around the time I ovulated. It feels very strange for just one moment. I first thought it had to do with my cold, like some sinus symptom , but it kept happening. I am now 5wks1d and I hardly ever get it anymore. Might have to do with pregnancy...


billiebaby - May 18

i am relieved someone else has it... it feels really weird!! did you happen to talk to a doc about it?


dueJan1607 - May 18

I hope to visit my doc. today and I might ask him... How far along are you?


clare - May 21

hiya im 25 weeks just popping in from 2nd tri to see how ppl are. i had the feeling in my head and the only thing i could relate it to was low blood pressure as i would go dizzy too. the discharge is normal too as long as it doesnt smell bad or is really thick(could be an infection) mbuti got more discharge the further along i was.dunno bout the hormone thing i just no mine have settled down now lol i was bad for em in first tri i cried alot lol good luck hope all goes well xxx



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