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Melita - September 30

Hi, this is my first post. :) My name is Melita, I'm 28, married and I live in Australia. I had a very early miscarriage in late August, which was my first pregnancy. My period was only five days late when I miscarried but I had tested the day it was due. It was upsetting to lose it but I felt consoled by the fact that I'm fertile - I'd only just gotten married and had s_x for the first time. (Yes, I waited all those years, lol, that's my beliefs). The lines on the hpt were VERY pale and thin and took some time to appear. I tested 3 times over 3 days - one positive, one negative, one more positive. I had period cramps right up till the time I lost. My doctor told me it's not unusual for a women to lose her first preggy very early on - usually before she even knows she's pg. Happily, I am pregant again! It's very early on. My fourth week starts on Tuesday the 4th Aussie time. Their are a few differences between this preggy and my last, even though I'm about at the same time along. For one, I took two hpt's last weekend and both lines appeared immediately and they were very bold and thick, so I guess that means more hormone which must be good. For another, although I was only a day overdue and still having pms cramp, the cramps ceased two days after that. Something else, I've had a few waves of nausea. Plus my nipples are going a very pale, pale brown on the outside and the bumps on my nips are getting bigger. I haven't really been feeling tired. I'm on a multi vitamin called Elevit and eating well. I suppose I can't throw a party quite yet (though I have told my family, I can't hold it in) - I feel very strongly that this one is a keeper. :D Does some of this sound familiar to you girls? Please share your thoughts and stories along these lines. ~ Melita. PS - I hope I haven't scared anyone cos not all women lose their first pg, plus I know it's normal for some women to cramp throughout. (Just that I haven't been) Cheers and good luck to everyone.


Ashley - October 1

Hello, Melita. I visit from the second trimester board sometimes! I'm 23, pregnant for the first time, and yes, I waited to get married! I have terribly irregular cycles, which is probably why it took us six months. SOOO excited! I found out early, too, and the nausea really didn't kick in until I was nearly 7 weeks. I didn't think I would have any! Then it came on with a vengence! ;) Me and hubby told everyone at about 4 weeks, too, hehehe! When I was about 5 weeks, I had ALOT of terrible cramps for a little less than an hour. I didn't know what was happening! I was so scared I was loosing the baby. I am still not sure exactly what it was. I had a little bit of dark brown spotting around 8 weeks but now I'm going on 20 weeks and I can feel the baby move! There is alot of worry until he/she kicks you everyday! :) I hope you don't mind that I'm posting from so far ahead of you, I just wanted you to know that scary things can happen early on (and that nausea and being tired could be around the corner, lol!) and still work out fine. I'm happy for you!!! :)


karen - October 3

Melita, I had an early miscarriage like you, and now I'm 11 weeks pregnant. I notice similarities though. In my first when I miscarried, the line on the test was also light. Well, not at first, but then I started spotting and took another test, and the line was a lot lighter. I had no symptoms before, and with this pregnancy, my b___sts have been sore pretty much from week 4. Nausea started for me at about week 6, which was a little rea__suring because I took it as a good sign. I know how hard it is not to worry, but just think good thoughts! It's common to have miscarraiges that early, and usually women go on to have a healthy pregnancy after that. Congrats!


Melita - October 3

Thanks Ashley and Karen. It sounds as though you've both had similar experiences in more ways than one! :) I showed Mum this board and she said, "if only something like this had been around when I had you. I had to make do with the library and 'Every Woman.' " lol


Monique - October 3

Hi! I had a mc back in May. I started spotting like week 5 and lost the baby a week later. I am now 9 weeks pregnant!! I was a nervous wreck until I went to the dr 2 weeks ago and saw the heartbeat!! In my heart then I knew THIS BABY IS MY BABY !! Don't get me wrong, I still have moments of panic and doubts, but in my heart I know this is a keeper!



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