Someone Ease My Worry

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ghsgrad05 - November 10

I recently had positive pregnancy tests and I had blood work done on Friday...get it back on Monday to tell me how far along I am. We've been trying for a while and luckily this is our first time to get some positives. I know I am really really early like 2-3 weeks right now. I know I need to be calm I work for an OB/GYN I know all the precautions to take and that I shouldn't stress but I think I may have made a mistake by taking a pregnancy test this late in the afternoon... I am not sure however how far along you can be and morning or afternoon testing will give you a more accurate result....My line was hard to see faint. I have good symptoms but it's just really hard to keep my hopes up...especially when my hubby is the only one aware that I am pregnant...I don't want to tell anyone for a little while...Can someone ease my worry????


newmomma32 - November 11

don't those pregnancy tests say that no matter how faint the line/sign, you are still pregnant? That's what I remember.


bubbasmom - November 11

A faint line is a positive, although it is hard to believe when it is barely visible. I would get another test and take it in the morning just to ease your mine. But, you are pregnant, Congrats


LAUR81 - November 11

I actually took my first preg test about 9 dpo and got a very faint positive. I kept taking them day after day and they gradually got darker. I thought the same thing.."what if i'm getting falso positives". I haven't been to a doc yet, but m test is now defintel positive and i'm about 2 days late now. Be calm, your pregnant.


sashasmama - November 11

Try a more sensitive test and first morning urine.


sterlinberlin05 - November 11

hey!! get one of those pt that say "pregnant" or "not pregnant" that way you don't have to worry about faint lines. They cost a little more but by the time you buy multiple reg ones it's actually cheaper!


reneenay - November 12

I agree with sterlinberlin05...the first test I took was the clearblue left no doubts. The cost difference is worth it. Sounds like you're preggers but if you want to make absolutely sure, that's the way.


sarah21 - November 12

You are definitely pregnant. If you got any line with afternoon urine then you are pregnant. Light or not, a line is a line especially with multiple tests. Good luck!


newlywed0915 - November 13

I got a faint positive after being 25 days late! Its a positive either way! Your hcg levels are still on the rise, so thats why the line isn't so dark. ABout three days later I took another and it was a dark positive. I used epts. Congrats on your pregnancy! Celebrate the good news!


ARD - November 13

Take a digital test...its more expensive, but it is very accurate and there's no faint lines. Its flat out says, pregnant, or NOT pregnant! Good luck!!


ghsgrad05 - November 13

On friday my hCG came back 21 I tested again yesterday and they were a 2...I lost it last night. Thanks for all you're support and sorry I couldn't be apart of this with everyone...Maybe next time : )


newlywed0915 - November 13

I'm so sorry for your loss. This often happens in first pregnancies. But you can go on to conceive again and carry to full term. Don't lose hope. Baby dust in the months to come hun.



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