Someone Had A Dream About It

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georgiad - February 15

So I'm currently ttc (only 2nd month). Anyway, we're hoping that this is the month, I'm too impatient : ) My aunt, whom I rarely talk to, called me today and asked if I was pregnant! Our family doensn't know we're even trying. Anyway she said she has had dreams the past week of me being 7 months pregnant! Have any of you had family members dreaming you were pregnant the month is happened?? I'm just curoius!


diem - February 15

No, but I've had co-workers tell me that they dreamed about me being prego. They didn't even know at that time that I really was....I just wasn't sharing the news yet. That's pretty freaky to me. Hopefully it is a good sign :)


Cathy2 - February 15

I am a teacher, ( 8 weeks along) and just the other day, one of the parents in my cla__s came in to see me and asked me if I was feeling okay. I told her I was, that I've just had a touch of the flu...then she took my face in her hands and said " I can see your baby in your eyes" I was so stunned,...she is the most amazing woman and it was almost a spiritual moment...really crazy and I just strated crying, it was really an awesome moment!


kristinns25 - February 15

My aunt dreamed I was having twins about 3 weeks before my BFP but I'm not... just one! Cathy - I'm a teacher, too. What grade do you teach?


slackette - February 15

My mother dreamed I was going to have a daughter twice while we were ttc (we only tried for two months), and a friend of the family called my aunt in December really confused that we were not pregnant yet b/c she had a strong feeling that I was. We were pregnant at the time, but we hadn't told anyone yet. So I guess family member's intuitions really can mean something! Good luck Georgiad, I hope you get a BFP really soon!


KWaits - February 16

My sister is the only one who knows we had been trying. I am 6 weeks 5 days today. But I haven't told her yet. We are waiting until after my first appointment. She e-mailed me this week asking if I was pregnant because she had had two dreams this week that I was. She'll be weirded out to know that I actually was! I also had a lady here at work come up to me this morning and ask the same thing. She said my stomach looked poochy in the shirt I was wearing. I'm defiently not showing yet, just majorly bloated.


KSM - February 16

before i found out i was pregnant i had a dream of having a bfp before i did. so i believe that some people sub consious do know!


georgiad - February 16

Ohhh I hope its a good sign!! The weird part is that I'm going to my home town in August to see my family...and if I got preggo this month I'll be 7 months than! I'll be testing next thurs. or Fri. I'll keep you all posted!! Thanks!



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