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TTGG - August 24

My husband and I are trying to get pregnant. We started July 25, 2004..Is it possible to be pregnant if I have taken many of HPT's and one blood test and they are all negative. I thought it just might be to soon. I thought I was having signs like naseau, headache, bad back pain and cramps (worse than a normal period cramp), and a clear discharge. I still have all these signs just not as bad. I thought they were like the first week symptoms but I dunno.. I am excited and I want to know, i am very impatient, but i guess all i can do is wait it out. Anyone have any similar signs? If so what was your outcome. Any comments would be GREATLY appreciated!! PLEASE HELP


fay - August 15

I am 6 weeks along, and I was able to get a posotive result 4 days prior to my period. I am not sure when you are due, but try it then. Get first response test. Thats the one that gave me the response that soon. Good Luck.. And keep on trying. Try this website, it tells you actually when you are ovualting on the ovulation caleneder.


ttgg - August 16

thanks for the reply, it is greatly appreciated


BECKY - August 17



fijian - August 18

I am hoping to get prego too. We started on Aug. 7. I took First Response 9 days later, but it was negative. I know, way too early for a test! I am impatient as well! I already have signs such as bloating, nausea, headache, spotting on the 6th day after conception...that's about it. Tell me if you find out!


ttgg - August 18

my period is to come this week, but it hasn't came yet. I went and got a frist reposonse test but I haven't taken it yet. I am trying to wait till the end of the week. I am excited to. FIJIAN let me know too..!!!


Melly - August 23

It takes your body a while to build up the hormones that the baby gives off, it builds gradually. ClearBlue is a good test I took it 2 days before my P was due and it was + . Not sure when you're P is due but wait until at least a day before.


ttgg - August 24

well evidently it didn't work this past month. I just got my period. It is alot heavier than normal and I am cramping a lot more too. This is unusual for me, but I dunno, guess periods just change.... Thanks for the advice though..



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