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munchmom04 - March 3

Ladies I had some brownish spotting with a smel to it so I was thinking that I had some kind of infection. I went to the ER on 3/2. They did blood work and took a urine sample. The nurse said that it looks like I have a urine infection. The doc sent me to get a sono. The lady did a vag sono and a regular sono. She would not give me any results. So the doc came back in and said that they could not see ANYTHING at all. Nothing in my tubes and nothing in my uterus. I had just hit 5wks 6days. He said that my HCg level was at 2,180. I had it checked when I had my pregnancy confirmed on 2/25th and it was 440. So it has doubled like it was suppose to. He told me that it could be an etopic or misscarriage. Or maybe that it was too early to see anything. He said not to worry unless I start to bleed bad with bad cramps. But how am I not to worry when he said I could loose the baby? Please help if at all possible. :-)


shishy - March 4

The most important thing you can do right now is to relax and take care of yourself as much as you can. E/R's have the tendency to think extremes as soon as something out of the norm happens, then later on as things play out, lots of times there was nothing to worry about. Is there a possibility that your not 5w6d? Even if you that far along, i hear that u/s or sono's done before 8 weeks is pretty early to see much, or anything. I know its hard, but just take care of yourself, and try to do things that take your mind off it. I hope you find something out soon.


munchmom04 - March 4

shishy~ thank you for responding. I am not 100% sure how far along I am. I was just told by them that I was 5wks 6days. I believe that my last period was on 1/20. I will have to go on line and look it up. I am not stressing about it anymore I am just going to go to my son scheduled for the 11th and hope that all is well. Thanks again :-)


shishy - March 4

the only other thing I can think of as to you possibly not being that far along is if you ovulated later. I am currently pregnant with my first and finding out how far along I was, was a bit of a challange because they said I must have ovulated like a month later than normal. According to my last period, I would already be like 6 months or something, but Im in my beg. of the 4th month. I wish you well and a happy and healthy 9 months.


Kristin72 - March 4

Technically you are 5w6d. But depending on when you ovulate it can make a huge difference in the early stages of an ultrasound b4 6 weeks. Most of the times nothing is seen b4 6weeks or so. The heart usually starts beating about 21 days past ovulation. If your hcg is doubling properly it is truly it is too early to see anything via ultrasound as they are dealing with very very small cells. I would wait until next week and or atleas untill you are closer to 7 weeks and they will get a better idea. I have had an ectopic and your hcg usually does Not double correctly. Good luck and take it easy.


munchmom04 - March 5

I think that I might not be as far along as all the web pages are telling me that I am. My last period was on the 20th of Jan. But I had a + OPT on the 4th of Feb. I had the HCG shot on the 5th and the IUI on the 6th. So I might be a few days short of what everybody and everything is telling me. Based on my last period I should have ovulated on the 4th of Feb, but I got the + onthe 4th and the shot on the 5th and IUI on the 6th. So I am thinking that I ovulated on the 5th of 6th. But I go in to the RE's office on the 11th for a sono. I guess we will know for sure then. But I will keep you ladies posted on what they say. Thanks again for responding.


Kattiebugg - March 8

Almost the same thing happened to me with my now 18 month old son the Er dr. told me he was a molar pregnancy because my hcg level's sky rocketed and they could not see anything except the yolk sac ! Just relax ! It's possible you are not as far along as you thought ! I know how you are feeling and i'm sorry for that big hug's ! When is your next apt ? I will say a prayer for you and lot's of sticky dust !


munchmom04 - March 12

I just wanted to come back and do an update..... Well we went in for a sono yesterday ans all looks well with the baby! Its measuring a little over 6 weeks. We were told that I was 7 weeks and 1 day. The heartbeat is at 120 and it looks like a lil shrimp. Oh yeah and my HCG levels had went up to over 19384. So she said that all looks well with he or she. I just wanted to let everyone know that all did turn out well. Oh yeah they said that they might have to change my due date to 11/05, but they will do another sono on the 23rd and see how he or she is growing. Well thanks for all the positive feedback ladies and congrads on your lil ones. :-)


tryingx3 - March 12

Glad you updated - I've been checking to see! Woo hoo!


Kattiebugg - March 13

That is wonderful new's ! I'm so happy for you Congrat's and I hope you have a happy , healthy wonderful pregnancy ! I'd love to get to know you , would you like to yahoo chat ? Just let me know i'll check back here for your reply ! Congrat's again Jen !


munchmom04 - March 13

Thank you and sure kattiebugg, its always nice to talk to other moms about their symptoms and their pregnancy.


Kattiebugg - March 13

I wrote you a big post and it deleted :( Also won't let me post a link or my yahoo email here ? Love to chat with you is there a chat room here anywhere ?


munchmom04 - March 14

kattiebugg~ I am not sure. I will have to look. So how are you? Are you preggo now also? If so congrads if not and are TTC then lot and lots of baby dust your way :-)



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