SOOOO Congested November 19 2007

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hioannidis - November 19

Hello Ladies, I do not have a cold. At first I thought it was allergies (which I do not suffer from). I am so congested, I have been congested pretty much since about my 5th week of pregnancy (I am 10 weeks today…Hooray!!). Is anyone else congested? I did look into it and they do say that it’s common in pregnancy, Thursday I have a prenatal appointment with my Dr. and I’m going to ask him if he can prescribe anything (safe during pregnancy of course). The biggest problem with the congestion is sleeping, each night I’m up every half hour or so to swallow, my throat is so dry it hurts like crazy to swallow in the middle of the night. Anyone else???


hioannidis - November 19

Anyone out there???


newlywed0915 - November 19

I have a headcold/congested cough. I wake up during the night too with a horrible sore throat and cough. Take some soothing cough drops. Ludens, or Ricola...Halls... whichever. It will help with the sore throat. Take a hot shower to relieve the congestion and cough that gunk up! Lol. My doc didn't prescribe anything to me because he says they prefer NOT to give pregnant women meds if their bodies can fight the sickness. He told me that as long as I didn't have a fever, it would clear up on its own, but to call if it worsened...but it didn't, and its getting beter. Try drinking some warm tea. Hot water, lemon, and honey helps too.! Oh, try buying a humidifier!Hope your congestion clears!


kay101 - November 19

I was the exact same way! My throat still gets really dry at night. Try breathe right strips, they're great. You can use saline spray and cough drops too. Popsicles, hot chocolate, anything hot or cold is soothing for your throat.


hioannidis - November 19

Thanks ladies. I think I really need to look into a humidifier. I’ve been putting it off, but it's time to get off my


fefer1 - November 19

Hey, I was totally congested with my daughter at night. It was so bad I had to sit upright to breathe. Breathe right strips worked sometimes - but my dr was able to give me a prescription for a nasal spray but I can't remember what it was. I never did get around to getting it, I sort of just suffered through it.I think your nasal pa__sages swell during pregnancy making it hard to breathe. Just another lovely symptom! :) Right onw I'm pretty congested and when I wake up my throat hurts a little from breathing through my mouth.


kay101 - November 19

If you suffer through to the second trimester, you can start using plain pseudophed then.


sarah21 - November 19

Until you get through the first trimester, you need to be really careful about meds. I would try some vicks vapo rub to help clear out those nasal pa__sages. If it doesn't work and you are unable to get rest, it is safe to take Sudafed, and that will clear out the sinuses in no time.


MissyB - November 22

Ive been stuffy



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