Sooooo Gross

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Jokerzgirl - January 18

I was wondering if anyone knows any subst_tution for prenatal vitamins. everytime i put them in my mouth, even with a ton of water, they always come back out. i know i need vitamins in my body to help with my baby. i am 7 1/2 weeks preggo. Does anyone have any advice?


MrsShelton217 - January 18

I had the same problem. My OBGYN recommended FLINTSTONES! I take 1 and a half of them every day... Just make sure they contain iron, unless you have been directed by your DR not to consume iron


Jokerzgirl - January 18

yea i am pretty sure i need the iron. thank you very much. i am hoping to get my insurance card soon so that i can go to the doctor also.


jessicaspatherapist - January 18

i didn't take the vitamins at all from weeks 7-8.5 because i was on my honeymoon and they just made me soooooooooo much more doctor said that was okay as long as i started right back up when i got home...she also said you could just take folic acid during that time and not the prenatals.


ChattyKathy - January 18

Yep. Flinstones work. I have a friend that didn't like the taste of regular flinstones and she had to get the gummy kind!


kimberly - January 18

I am so glad to hear that flintstones work too. I am constipated from my prenantal, gross I know but I didn't take them for a couple of days to see if it relieved the problem and it did, now I have started taking them again and the problem is back. Thanks for the info!


debbie80 - January 18

I am the same way! I am 8 weeks and just recently I have been having problems keeping down my pills and now my new thing is that I am gaggin when I have to brush my teeth! Anyone expereince this one?? lol..the joins of our bodies changing..


lawlady72 - January 18

debbie I can't get through the morning without the dryheaves while brushing me teeth LOLOLOL..... My daughter leaves she gets sooo grossed out.


Jokerzgirl - January 18

i am the same way. in the mornings i start gagging even before i start brushing my teeth and it dont stop till i get mouthwash and swish it around in my mouth, even when i cough alot i end up gagging. all i know is i wish i could go one morning without gagging so much.


jazminesmom - January 18

when i was pregnant with my daughter the doc gave me some prenatals and they made me sick , then i went to walmart got a different brand of prenatal vitamins and was fine with them maybe you should try a different brand, i also had really bad morning sickness so they may have been connect.


ChattyKathy - January 18

Brushing teeth is a fun experience, let me tell you. Okay, so I have a confession. My Prenatals always make me sick , too, and right now I can't exactly go out to the store and get a different kind or flinstones so I haven't taken mine for, like, a week. Well, be proud because I did today and I'm definitely feeling the effects of it. Ugh!



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