SOP Girls A Shorter Thread

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Meg - March 14 least for now!! LOL....hope this is ok with everyone...hopefully it will be easier on our systems to load!!


SaraD - March 14

I made it! Yeah,this is way faster to load.Meg-On the Hoping for valentines Day BFP part 3 on signs of Pregnancy that we use to write on ,Tansy got her BFP and Paula got a really light pos this month too and is testing again.Great huh? Anyways, hope everyone finds us!!!


trying for #2 - March 14

Hi ladies, Brooke and Gigi, I'm glad the d&c's are now in the past for you, you are both very strong and I am looking forward to your next bfps when you are ready. Capc, I'm really sorry to hear about your job. Are you going to try to look for something else? Meg, my gosh, you must be dying waiting for Monday to come! Good luck! DJ, I am 10w, 2d today. Hope everyone else is doing well.


Betul - March 15

Hi Mommies! I found you...great idea with the new thread Meg. Well, I am leaving tonight to go back to the states. My in-laws make this very difficult to leave and my 3 year old keeps saying, Grandmas crying, and it makes him very upset to see her cry. But I feel good and I miss my DH so I am ready to go! I am now 10w2d and have my 2nd doctors appt on Friday. Fortunately, no spotting since week 6. I hope I can hear the babys heartbeat on Friday but if not, İ am sure she,ll do another u/s just to make sure everything is ok. She did that at my first appt. I just want to get past the next 2 weeks and be into the second trimester although I have to admit I do feel much more confident than before. Meg..keep us posted on the possible twins..I can even Best wishes to all of you and have a great day!


Meg - March 15

All right, Sara, more BFP!!! That's what we like to hear!! Things here are good. We got almost a foot of snow last night...which adds to the foot+ we got over the weekend. I guess I will get my workout for the day when I finally get out to shovel it all. Have sick kids today so haven't gotten out yet. Things here are good. Today has been the best day by FAR for the m/s...hope that doesn't mean bad things!! I will just enjoy it since there isn't anything I can do about it anyway!! Going crazy waiting until monday, but strangely enough, having sick kids has made the time go faster because I don't have the time to be a selfish and think about myself!! LOL....will keep checking in between nursing shifts!!! Betul, hope your trip home is safe...good luck with the goodbyes!!


krob - March 15

hi Meg here I am on first it feels weird


Meg - March 16

a HUGE welcome to Krob...she just got her BFP yesterday!!! Sorry it has been so slow here...a little strange...without Brooke and Gigi things seem a little slow...ds getting better today....just twiddling fingers until monday to see a baby...or was that babies??? LOL!!


SaraD - March 16

Krob-Welcome to the thread!! Congrats on your BFP! I am sure you'll enjoy all the girls here.They are all great! Meg-I'm sure you just can't wait to find out if you have one or two lil peanuts in there.They will be able to tell you Monday? Hopefully how ever many there are,that they are just healthy.Everything seems to be going alot better for me now.I guess it took getting over that 12 week hump.I will find out what the s_x is in 6-7 weeks.I can't wait.Time is really flying bye for me now.Anyways,I hope everyone is doing good.Betul-Good luck on your appt tomorrow to hear the heartbeat.Let us know how it went.


DJ - March 17

Hey Krob, congratulations and welcome. I remember a few of your posts from the SOP threads. Glad you could join us Is this your first. I'm 10 weeks 2 days (and time is going by slowly) I have a dr. appt on Tuesday - can she hear the hb with a doppler by then? Meg I'll be checking in to find out about the twins. Amazing!!!. Krob any other signs besides the bfp


krob - March 17

hi agin well I am tired and I just starting hurting underneath my underarms I think that is the girls getting going. I had the twin issue with my first too I was measuring large uterus size for dates so I had an early utlrasound and nope only one bean


Betul - March 18

Good Morning Mommies! Welcome and congrats krob!! I had followed your story on some otherw threads and I am so happy for you! Trip home went very well and I am feeling very good after a couple days of Actually I am almost feeling energy has started coming back and my bbs dont hurt so much. Yesterday I had my doctors appt. I am 10w5d and after 5 minutes of searching my midwife found the baby's heartbeat with the doppler. So Dj, yes, your doctor may be able to hear it at your doctors appt but she did stress with me beforehand that it was early and not to get worried if we didnt hear it. Wow, I was so was 166bpm and strong. She teased me again, and said this time it sounded more like For those of you relatively new to this thread I have 5 sons(ages 19-3) we are silently hoping for girl but of course will be very happy with a boy! My midwife told me yesterday that we will do the big involved ultrasound at 18 weeks so that is 2 months I have to wait to find out the s_x..but hey, I have come this far and everything is good. Definately feeling much more comfortable! How is everyone else feeling? How are the symptoms? Couple more days Meg!


Lisa Marie - March 20

Hi Everyone….. Sorry not been here for a while….. Ive been off work for a week because i had some holiday time to use up so me and dh have been pretty busy trying to do odd jobs and things around the house. I had my scan on Monday of last week and everything was fine… I’m 12w5d today so I am relieved ive gotten past the 12-week marker but I am a bit confused about the trimester things. How many weeks is your first trimester? I always thought it was 12 weeks since LMP but I read in a book yesterday its 14w?? And when does your 2nd trimester start and end?? After we had our scan me and dh contacted everyone we know to tell them we are expecting and it was lovely to finally be able to tell people. And we went shopping and bought the first few bits for the nursery, which was lovely. Has anybody else bought anything yet? So how is everybody else doing?? Are we feeling better now the first trimester is progressing?? My morning sickness has all nearly gone but I’m still struggling to find food appetising. There’s only certain things I actually want to eat which is strange because usually I am a BIG food fan and can eat anything. Anyone else having this?? Meg are you going to the doctors today?? Let us know how things go and keep us updated!!! Krob – Congrats on your BFP and welcome!! DJ - let me know if they can hear the heartbeat with a doppler tomorrow.... im really tempted to ask my midwife when i go next week but im scared in case they cant find it. Betful - im glad you had a fab time in Turkey and the travelling was okay!! Well, id better scoot.... catch you later!! x


Meg - March 20

Good morning ladies! Yes, yes, today is the day (hopefully). There is always a chance that my doc will be too busy to squeeze me in or that for some reason there won't be anything definitive on the u/s. I am trying not to get my hopes too high, but I am sure ready for some clarity in what to prepare for. I don't really care whether it is one or two...I am just grateful to be pregnant. And that, I stomach and bladder remind me of that every hour!! LOL...I probably won't be on til tomorrow morning to post results as we are going in late this afternoon and I rarely get on once DH is home...and I am sure we will have some settling in to do together...whatever the result. Thanks to everyone for all your is SO nice to be able to share "the big secrets" we keep from everyone else!!!


Betul - March 21

Good Morning mommies! This thread seems to be getting a bit quiet lately..Meg' what happened?? Is everything ok? DJ, let us know how your appt goes today. Denise, Krob, Sara, how are you? Lisa Marie, yeah there is differing opinions as to when the 2nd trimester begins but I am going with at the end of my 12th week, so day I am 13 wk guess I'll be in my 2nd trimester. Hope everyone is healthy and happy..xx


Meg - March 21

It is pretty quiet around for me, the appt. didn't happen yesterday...I guess when he told me to come back in two weeks, he forgot he wasn't going to be in the office!! He gets back in on Wednesday, so I hope to go in then...what a roller coaster!! Hope everyone else is doing well...will keep you posted on my end when there is news!!!


SaraD - March 21

Hey girls! I've have just been busy lately with working and taking care of my kids.I am glad to hear everyone is doing good.I think the 2nd trimester begins on the the 1st day of the 13th week .I am 13w 3d according to LMp and 14w 3d according to my U/S.I have been feeling the baby moving a little bit.It's crazy!!Meg-I am so sorry that they are making you wait even longer.You poor thing! Let us know what happens. Take care girls!!!


DJ - March 22

Hi ladies, sorry I've been away. Okay Meg I was specifically scanning the posts to hear the news and NADA. sorry you have to wait. I did have a dr appt yesterday and she used the doppler and I heard the heart beat - yah... I'm booking my screening tests so I'll have my ultrasound soon. As far as when the second trimester starts I'm with Sara - first day of 13th week. I'm 11 weeks today but the dr. says a heartbeat drops the chances of miscarriage - so excitting.



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