Sore Itchy Breasts

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Kat - May 18

I am 8 wks pregnant and I have noticed my br___ts are growing at an enormous. I am already a D, so I can't imagine what I will be by the ninth month. In the last few days, my nipples have become very tender and very itchy. However, I can't stand anything to touch them because they hurt so badly. Is there something I am supposed to be rubbing on my br___t/nipples since I am planning on br___t feeding. Also, I have heard that br___t feeding can be painful. Is this true? Thanks for your help!


Lily - May 19

Hi Kat, I'm not sure what b___stfeeding is like...yet. I'm 16 weeks with my first. Perhaps your questions would be best asked on the Breastfeeding Forum? As for having tender b___sts and sore nipples. I totally sympathize. Mine were so bad, that my husband couldn't hug me. I have large b___sts also, in mine have grown from a D to and E (that's 2 sizes)...I suggest getting a few bras with good support, 3 hooks or more. I prefer to use the soft cup or molded, as underwire irritates the skin on my belly. For the tenderness, try using a very warm wet cloth. I had to use it so warm in fact that it was almost too warm to handle. But I found that it helped after a few applications. Another, is a warm shower. Good Luck!!


Kat - May 19

Lily: Thanks for your reply. I am new to these sites and I wasn't aware of the b___stfeeding forum. I will definitely check it out. I have heard different women say that your b___sts begin getting ready early in pregnancy for b___stfeeding, so I didn't know if the sore nipples/b___sts was just my bodies way of getting my b___sts ready for nursing. I am going this weekend to get new bras to see if this will help. I am going to try the warm, damp clothes as well.


K_lala - June 20

I'm curious also. I'm not sure if I'm pregnant or not, but I think there's a good chance that I am. I am experiencing the same exact symptoms. Extremely sore nipples as well as ITCHING. This is very strange to me, since my first pregnancy I did not experience this. I know the symptoms of pregnancy are different for every woman, but I do wish there was more info on the itchy part. I'm not lactating, so it's not thrush. So, I'd be interested in knowing more about it.....



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