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J - March 28

I'm just about at 9 weeks (and am going to the dr for first time tomorrow). Early on, I had sore br___ts, which I've read is v. common but more recently, my nipples have gotten sore, downright painful. They're worse on cold days when I'm outside, but sometimes in the office, like today. Has anyone had the same experience?


Kelly K - March 28

I know exactly how you feel. Mine are so sore that I can't even lay on my stomach at night. It feels like someone is stabbing me through the chest. My doctor said it was normal and it would get better and worse throughout the pregnancy. I can't even bump into something without almost screaming. Don't worry - you aren't alone.


Brooke - March 28

Mine are very sensitive as well. Mine are not quite painful yet, but they are uncomfortable feeling at times. However, I'm only 5 weeks along.


Kelly K - March 28

Mine were sore at 5 weeks as well. I'm now 8.5 weeks and feel like I'm dying.


britt - April 6

i think i might be pregnant, only 2 weeks, i had a burning sensation in my nipples the other day and they are sore now. my b___sts are also enlarged; however, i could be getting ready to start my period. i'm!


Andrea - April 11

I thought that I was the only one to experience this. My doctor was no help, neither was my midwife. I had the same problem with very painful nipples in my previous pregnancy. The pain comes from even a slight drop in temperature, and can be excruciating, leaving me in tears. I know from my previous experience that it goes away completely after giving birth, so it is related to pregnancy hormones and I had no difficulty b___stfeeding. But I haven't found any source of comfort for the months ahead of painful nipples. One source suggested wearing wool b___st pads, so I'm going to look for these.


mary - April 11



S - June 21

I'm wondering if I could be pregnant. I've heard of sore b___sts, but mine are fine. However, my nipples have been very sore for about a week......


Erika - September 5

I am 5 weeks along.Mine are sore and tender to even the slightest touch.Dr said up and down throughout the pregnancy.


Carmen - September 6

Yes! I am 7 weeks and I was outside the other night and shivering, and my nipples hurt so badly I thought they were going to come off! Good to know this happens to others.



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