Sore Nipples Way Before Af Is Due

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megdan8582 - April 22

I'm kinda confused about this one. My fiance and I were ttc, but now we've put that trying aside, and have come to agree on if it happens, then it happens. Whatever God wants, will happen. Well usually my nipples get a little bit sore two or three days before my period begins. My period is not due until May 9th, and always get it on time. My nipples began to hurt last Sunday (the 16th) and as the days have passed, they feel like they are hurting even more. I've never had this much pain before. It's nothing like excruciating, but I definitely know SOMETHING is up. I was just wondering what this could be, and has anyone had really sore nipples like 20 days before AF is supposed to arrive? Could this be just bad PMS? I also am having TERRIBLE hot flashes and my br___ts feel bigger and a bit heavier. Thanks to anyone who responds! Oh and I also had some brown spotting in my underwear on the 20th; it was smaller than a dime. (sorry if tmi).


electronicandy - April 22

I have to say, it sounds ALOT like you are pregnant... even the brown spotting leads me to believe that that was implantation bleeding... Take a pregnancy test on the 9th, and let us know what it says. The only time I've experienced that (other than PREGNANCY, lol) was when I tried going on the pill for a month, and quit. The pill had messed with my hormones real bad, and I was having all sort of weird symptoms like that, but that's the only time it's happened and I wasn't pregnant. Hope this helps!


linzee - April 22

the reason i suspected i could be pregnant before i missed AF was becuase my nipples were sore about a week and a half or so before i misses, and i always had sore nipples maybe one or two days it sounds like you could definately be!


megdan8582 - April 22

Thank you ladies for your responses! I'll keep you posted! ;o)


tinymomma - April 24

I know that around the time that I ovulated my nipples were sore like that! sounds like you might be pg good luck!!


megdan8582 - April 24

Thanks tinymomma for your response! I'm going to wait it out (patiently lol) and see if AF appears May 9th or before...if not, I'm buyin a test! Thanks again!



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