Sore Throat

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linzee - April 11

hey guys, ive had a sore throat for a couple of days now, and i tried gargling with salt water, and it gives me temporary relief, but not long term..have any of you dealt with sore throats? what helped you?


knpandrews - April 11

Linzee... I was sick my first few weeks of pregnancy with a severe cold. My doc. told me that halls are ok but the non menthol kind. I found that Vitamin C Halls defense drops worked very well. Also, see if you can get chloroceptic but ask you doc about that. You dont swallow it so it should be ok but you just spray it on the back of your throat. Also, you can try hot tea with honey and lemon.


linzee - April 11

thanks so much..i'll def. go get some halls defense drops..i cant deal with the salt water much more!


linzee - April 11

i checked a sheet my doctor gave me at the beginning of my pregnancy on medicines that were ok to take. it didnt say anythong about halls but said cetphol was ive been sucking on them..they have some kind of numbing they work, but im starting to feel more of cold, sneezing, caughing, achy chest that stuff....will any of this seriously hurt my baby?


knpandrews - April 12

No it wont hurt the baby just make sure if u are going to take any medications to help with your cold that you take the recommended ones. When I was 6 wks. pregnant I got a really bad cold, cough, flu what ever it was i dont know but my doc told me it was ok to take sudifed. I didnt take any medications because I was so worried and I suffered with it for another 4 wks.almost. When my doc found out he said he admired that I didnt want to take any meds but it truely would not of hurt me to take sudifed. Cepical is ok to take but the vitamin c halls defense does not have any menthol it totally different then the other halls cough drops. If u choose not to take any meds like I did you can try hot tea with ginger, hot tea with honey and lemon. Sit in the bathroom and stuff the door way with towels and run the hot water in the shower to steam yourself, you can try soup broth and any other home remidies you can think of. Also, try sucking on ice during the day to keep you hydrated and you body temp regulated.


linzee - April 12

my doctor told me it was fine to take tylenol cold and sinus, but ive only been taking half the recommended dose, and its helping. im going to get a humidifier today and try it. im not running a fever, just an icky cold..but thanks for the info!


iakram - April 12

Hi Linzee ! Wow your Dr actually let you take something? My Dr said no to everything! Any meds period except for plain old Tylonol if I had a fever. For the sore throat what really helped was a bit of giner in my and honey. It may take a while but this was the best remedy for me.


mandee25 - April 12

Hey girls I am almost 9 weeks and I have a bad bad cold. I was also wondering about the cough drops and its funny you mentioned the Halls Vitamin C defense because that is what I picked up yesterday.


linzee - April 12

iakram, when i went in for my first appointment, she gave me a list of common ailments and things that were ok for them...ALL tylenol products are approved. even tho im "allowed" to take the full dosage, ive only been taking half tho, and ive been keeping it at one when i wake up and one before i go to sleep, so im not taking too much. as for throat lozenges, the sheet says cetaphol's are the best. i got these numbing ones and i feel like ive been at the dentist! mandee, ive been taking 2 tylenol a day and it REALLY helps me funtion. id also recommend a helps me sleep throughout the night without waking up cause i cant breath!


iakram - April 13

Hi linzee - that's great that your Dr allows you take those approved drugs. I'm not one for meds to begin with but I was so tempted to take them. I ended up having a sinus infection [had to take a round of antibiotics] then had an ear infection [again anitbiotics]. This whole ordeal literally latsted a good 6 weeks. But of course I'm all better now :) Hope you're feeling better take care for now.


Suebee - April 13

Hi Ladies, I hope you don't mind my adding my 2cents but thought it could help. My dr said NOT to gargle with salt water. He said to gargle with mouthwash as it kills the bacteria back in your throat. It worked for me, hope it works for you to! good luck!


18wbabynov - April 16

hey, ive got a really soar throat too... i got some wicked sickness... im 10 weeks along, and im affraid to take stuff too... im just hoping it doesnt hurt the baby when im sick... as far as ive read it doesnt look like he\she will be affected... is that right?


linzee - April 16

mouthwash? ive never heard of gross as this may sound, i stopped using my mouth wash about 2 weeks ago because even the tiniest bit was making me gag.. 18wbabynovember, i had a terrible sore throat and a bad cold, so i took cetaphol lozenges, which my doctor recomended, and for 2 days, i took one tylenol cold in sinus in the morning, and one at night, and now my throat doesnt hurt at all, and my nose is only a little stuffy, so you might wanna try that!



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