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babymama06 - June 6

Went to the ER after spotted once only one or two wipes on the TP...Nothing since... Saw babies heartbeat and blood count was fine... 7w4d... Is that a good sign? Next appt Thursday, just so excited to really know everything is ok! Any input is great!


Suebee - June 7

babymama06...Glad things turned out well after your visit to the ER. Alittle bit of spotting is very common in pregnancy. If it's accompanied by cramping with bleeding that gets progressively heavier then that would be a concern but if you only spotted once and only saw it on tp then it's usually nothing to be overly concerned about. Obviously everything was fine and your little peanut is doing great! It's very scary to see any spotting I know but try not to panic. Wishing you all the best and good luck at your next appt!


babymama06 - June 7

thanks for getting back to me....You didn't really say but good luck with whatever it is that you are trying to accomplish... Thanks again!!!! :)


Suebee - June 7 I didn't say. I had a m/c in Dec 05 and had the severe cramping and heavy bleeding. At the ER they said my cervix was still closed, sent me home without a u/s (i was 7wks3dys) and a few hours later I m/c'd. I'm happy to say that I'm now 5 wks pregnant and everything is going well!!! knock on wood!! So what I was trying to say is that alittle spotting doesn't always mean anything and that the worst thing you can do is stress yourself out. Easier said then done right! Chances of m/c go down once the hb is heard btw so everything looks likes it going well for you! Again, good luck and sorry for not explaining further! All the best...Sue


babymama06 - June 7

sorry to hear of your situation, but they say things happen for a reason right? Now that is easier said then done! But, I am glad you are 5 weeks and going strong..... Thanks for such kind words...very rea__suring... I will post how my Dr. Appt goes tomorrow... Hopefully wonderful like I expect...


Suebee - June 7

baby...thanks.. and yes I guess things do happen for a reason. Of course at the time you don't want to hear any of the reasons but as time goes on you accept what you've been dealt and you move on. I have no doubt that your appt tomorrow will go great! My motto is to try my absolute best to be strong and always stay positive! I'll check in on you tomorrow and see how your appt went! Good luck ok!


babymama06 - June 8

I will let you know.. Probably be tomorrow because I am off work early today....I will try though and get back to you today... I am thinking everything will be fine, accept that small percentage in my brain that keeps saying "are you sure".. I will let you know! :)


Suebee - June 9

baby... so, how did the appt go?


babymama06 - June 9

EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT!!!! Sorry for not getting back to you sooner...How are things with you?


Suebee - June 9

Awesome!!! so glad to hear it!! Don't apologize... I'm sure you have lots to I'm great... went to my appt today and got my numbers.. hcg 5344 and prog was 28... go for another blood test Monday to make sure the numbers are doubling, see my ob on Thursday yet again and then go for my first u/s at 8 weeks. I'm a__suming that you're from the US but I could be mistaken. I'm from Canada so the 8wk u/s is actually an early one. Well, I'm getting sleepy here... long I'm really happy for you! Congratulations!


babymama06 - June 10

Hey...I am so glad to hear that your appt went well...It is always good... I did have an u/s at 8wks and in the states but that is because i thought i was actually farther along....i heard that once you see the heartbeat the change of having miscarriage drops dramatically so I am one excited girl....Let me know how the appt goes... Have a good one... How do they say it???, ~Baby Dust~ LOL!


Suebee - June 12

baby...yes, that's true that once you hear the heartbeat the chance of m/c decreases drastically. My ob said it goes down to 5% so you should be excited! Those are darn good odds! I went for my bloodwork again this morn so I'm alittle anxious/nervous about getting the results on Thursday. I think once I have my u/s done I'll relax alittle. I hope you're not one of the unfortunate ones that have experienced a m/c like myself but thing's are alittle more intense once you've gone through something like that. I mean, don't get me wrong, of course you are very nervous and you worry it's just magnified for me is all...Anyway, let's stay positive and always hope for the best right..... Yep, that's what they say... baby dust or sticky baby dust.. LOL.. take care... I'll let you know about Thursday... thanks....~S


babymama06 - June 12

5% Huh??? WOW! That is GREAT to hear!! As far as you and your blood work... I am keeping you in mind.... I hope everything goes well for you... Never experienced a miscarriage, but did have an abortion at a very young age and after reading through all the posting how much of a blessing it is to actually be pregnant..... You will be fine... Too bad you have to wait so long...They told me the next day! Just call the nurse and have her call you back-usually they know sooner than that..... GOOD LUCK! Let me know!!!!


Suebee - June 19

Hey babymama.... sorry, I went away for the weekend and didn't have a chance to post. I got my numbers back.. h-17, 727 and my p-40.. that was as of monday the 12th of Jun.. when I had my bloodwork done. So, my doc said the numbers were excellent and that their might be a chance I'm having twins...!! LOL.. can you imagine?? I go for an u/s on the 4th of July and get my results about a week later but maybe if I talk nicely to the u/s tech maybe they can say yah or nay to twins..LOL..So, thanks for thinking about me.. that was really nice.. Hope you're doing well? I'll let you know if I'm really having twins..yikes...!! LOL... Again, hope you're progressing nicely!!! Take Care.. ~S


babymama06 - June 19

OHH my!!! Yes, please do keep me posted on that.... I will have my next doctors appt shortly after that so I will let you know how that goes.... I am so excited... I feel like we are going through this together.... LOL.... Let me know... babydust x 2= twins! LOL!


luvmydogs - June 20

Hi guys! I am pregnant and due on Feb 14th! I had a miscarriage back in September, which was totally heartbreaking. Anyways, I had a big gush of blood on Sat so I went to the ER and was diagnosed with a threatened miscarriage and put on bed rest. HCG was 9800. I saw my OB Monday and they took my levels again which were at 14,596. I had an ultrasound today....and I got to see a tiny beating heart (120 bpm)!!! I was thrilled! My question is: does this mean the miscarriage rate for me goes down to 5% now that we saw a beating heart? I am just so afraid still and am just looking for supprt....a miscarriage is the saddest thing I've ever dealt with. Thanks and good luck to you guys!


Danielle26 - June 20

Unfortunately, the numbers are different when you've had previous m/c's. Ask your doctor what the case is for you. But congrats on that heartbeat! I probably won't get an u/s until 18 weeks (I'm only 5 1/2) because of insurance reasons :p That's a long time to wait!



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